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magic milk

No description

ashita siddiqui

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of magic milk



Step 2: hypothesis
we believe that the milk will change color and the milk and soap will not mix
Step 3:Materials
food colouring (4 different colours)
milk (one glass)
soap ( just a little)
The Way out
Step 1: question
can the type of soap effect the reaction to the milk and food colouring?
step 4: procedure
put a small amount of milk into plate
add three drops of each of the food colourings into milk
dip a cotton swab into soap
put the cotton swab into the milk and colours and stir once lightly.
responding variable: the milk may change due to food colouring and soap
manipulated variable: amount of soap
controlled variables: milk, food colouring and plate.
The milk did not mix with the soap and food colouring.
It also created swirls of colours on the top of the milk because of the fat in the milk if done in water there is not the same effect with the soap.
In conclusion the amount of soap does change the effect on milk. The soap and colours can't be dissolved into the milk like in water. The milk also contains fat which makes the colours swirl to the reaction of soap.
by: ashita, samantha and charlene
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