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ITM 352 Presentation

Presentation for Friday 4/30/10 Supreme Studios presents Discount Books

Jorge Jaime

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of ITM 352 Presentation

Discount Books Supreme Studios Supreme Studios presents...
Discount Books
Daniel Huang

Ellison Uson

Phattaya Xaysanith

Jorge Jaime Actual Factual Tidbits Average students spends on textbooks and supplies in 4 year period.

Most students don't graduate in 4 years.

Textbook prices have risen twice the rate of inflation since 1987

(http://www.finaid.org/loans) Who Are we? * Comprised of experienced from Shidler College

* Goal: Create a site that makes life easier and cheaper for Shidler students

* How? allows Shidler students to post their used textbooks for other students to purchase

individuals Discount Books $5,000 Problem? Why did we choose this route? * As , we know the grit and pain of paying for overpriced textbooks, especially business textbooks

* Create a site where books are searched for buyers

* Sellers can post their books for sale Business Students easily easily Solves problem of where students can buy/sell their books

site created

Community among the buyers and sellers of Shidler students Client wants and needs, answered Let's Check it out Buy & Sell Pages functions

Search Box needs to loop through information

Delete function

Admin functions

Validation & Security What still needs to be done Client Proposal: Unable to deliver certain parts

* "Rate my professor" portion maybe undeliverable due to time constraint

* Search box

User may not know accurate information
Risks Risks Risks Risks RISKS LOGIC To Conclude Lead Software Engineer

Secondary Engineer

Boss Lady & Documentation

Documentation Manager Questions? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Unique
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