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Employability - School of Mechanical Engineering

No description


on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Employability - School of Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering
School of Mechanical Engineering

Employability Challenges
Industry Insight
What We're Doing to Overcome These Challenges
Timetabled Lectures
Employability Interns
Year in Industry
Industry Insight
Timetabled Lectures
New Summer Internship Scheme
Year In Industry
Lack of Student Engagement (Lectures mixed attendance - Placement Sign up mixed across schools)
Support is perceived as "General" not programme specific enough
Awareness of Opportunities
Unrealistic expectations of job market
Students leave job search until final year
Lack of applications when vacancies sourced
(Atlanta Applications Developer)

Student & School Communications
A Day in the life of...
A Nuclear Engineer, Computer Scientist, Automotive Engineer, Chemical Analyst, Architect, R&D, Software Developer, Materials Engineer
Workshops & Networking Events
Providing our students with hands on access to real industrial problems - providing them with a chance to develop their employabiltiy skills whilst gaining an industry insight.

Chance to meet people 2-22 years post graduation at networking events within the Faculty!
On-Site Visits
Arrange for students to attend industrial Sites, Balfour Beatty - Test Rail Track, Nestle Manufacturing Plant
Guest Lectures
Individuals from industry talking about their careers to date, how they planned and advising our students how they can make the most of their time at university to be successful
A Day in The Life Of...........................

Workshops & Networking

On-Site visits

Guest Lectures

Dedicated programme for each year

Careers Guidance Content

Employabiltiy Workshops

Embedded in every students timetable

Top 100 Graduate Recruiters warn graduates with no work experience are unlikely to be successful during the selection process.
370,000 graduated in 2012 – students are competing for positions with students that graduated two years ago.
1/3 graduate jobs are filled by placement students that have previously worked there
Employability Team approached by many recruiters - varying demands. Not all are top choice for our students
Dedicated 100 hour Programme
Previously programme run was "one size fits all" - Now the lectures are tailored to each level.
Level 1 - What is Employability
Level 2- Finding a placement
Level 3 - Preparing for Gradate Job Market
Level 4 - Becoming a Chartered Engineer
Careers Guidance Content
Our lectures enable our students to understand how to retain that competitive edge by assistance them to articulate their skills and experiences competitively - via CVS, Applications forms, Interviews as well as touching upon online portfolios, social media, and focusing on professional development for CEng status.
Employability Workshops
Lectures reach students en mass, we therefore supplement the lectures with interactive workshops where students work in groups interactively with careers consultants and receive guidance on Applications Forms, CVs, Interviews etc
Dedicated Employability Suite

Improved e-mail communication

Dedicated Engineering & Computing VLE "Virtual Learning Environment"

Employability Interns
Employability is part of every students timetable, sessions are compulsory and students are expected to attend.
Dedicated Employabiltiy Suite
Faculty has invested in a space where students can book one-to-one appointments, attend
workshops, meet companies or use the space to work on applications, The room is open all year round, not just during term hours, so our PCs, industry brochures, careers guides and support materials are always available.
Improved e-mail communications
Students previously received a lot of e-mails about careers, internships, placements employability, company events etc.
Streamlined with a dedicated e-mail: Employability@Engineering.Leeds.ac.uk & now send each school HTML e-mails weekly. Track "clicks"
Added staff members
Virtual Learning Environment
Industry Specific CV Guides
Example Job Descriptions
Links to industry websites
Advertised placements
Book 1-2-1 appointments
All staff have access to see our activity - and make suggestions / improvements
Premium Degree

Dedicated Placement Programme

Where our students go
Premium Degree
All undergraduate degrees across our five schools
Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computing and Materials & Process Engineering now include the Year in Industry Variant.

71 students from the School of Mechanical Engineering Registered for a 2014/2015 Placement

9-12 month paid period of work experience with an employer relevant to their degree between years 2&3 or 3&4.

1/3 offered a graduate position
Dedicated support
Lecture Series

Placement Handbook - details the process and how to be successful


Advertise Employers

Placement Events

Five Engineering & Computing Schools - All unique with differing demands
c.2,200 Undergraduates studying over 30 different degree programmes
c.800 Postgraduate Students also studying over 30 different programmes
Staff engagement in Employability is varied
Relatively new team of two
Lack of clarity about what we do - Employability is more than "Careers" appointments -
Have abroad remit - however "Jack of all Trades Master of None"
Dealt with 150 company queries since last June
Need to streamline our Student and Client offering
We recruit ten employability interns to help shape the support we offer and provide valuable work experience to students.
Students work on projects chosen by the Employability Team and themselves
Provide feedback to enable us to develop our offering
Replace the ICLP

ICLP very successful summer internship scheme

Select few students

Could be paperwork heavy

Start with a Trial with MAS
Had over 400 students visit the Employability Suite with queries
Over 500 e-mails to new Employabiltiy inbox
Further 230 1-2-1 Appointments/Mock interviews
117 first years expressed an interest in Placement Year
71 students registered for 2014 start

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