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Speaking English

No description

monique van poelwijk

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Speaking English

What is speaking?
Baby talk
Babies know how to speak don't they?
Twin babies don't need English!
Or do they?
Why is English hard to speak?
What needs to be learned by ESL learners?
produce the English speech sounds and sound patterns
use word and sentence stress, intonation patterns and the rhythm
select appropriate words and sentences according to the proper social setting, audience, situations and subject matter
organize thoughts in a meaningful and logical sequence
use language as a means of expressing values and judgement
use the language quickly and confidently without few unnatural pauses=fluency (nunan, 2003)
How to teach Speaking
Decide what the aim of your teaching is:



Use of correct grammar while speaking
Linguistic competence is judged
Level of accuracy is used to monitor the development of the learner's speech
Used for explanations when understanding is crucial
Language is the focus
Speaking English
What it is and how to teach it!
Define speaking!
work with your neighbor
Speaking is the process
of building and sharing
meaning through the use
of verbal and non-verbal
symbols in a variety of
Chaney, 1998.
Represents real life experiences
Is the language of communication
Reflects the skill of the speaker
Attempts at fluent speech by the learner can be judged by the performance given
Learner can focus on the meaning of the talk
define accuracy and fluency; Work with your neighbor.
When should we aim for accuracy?
when we want our learners to use correct grammar while speaking

when we want to test their level of accuracy development
When should our aim be fluency?
When we want our learners to improve on their communicative skills in order to:
express themselves
learn how to follow the social and cultural rules appropriate in each communicative circumstance.
How to teach speaking?
help to build student confidence
facilitate listening between learners
in pairs and/or groups

recycle and try out old and new vocabulary
let learners choose their own topics and direction of a conversation
encourage learners to speak about their own,
personal experience
be aware that fluency is a proces and not a product
How to create a more authentic environment within your Language classroom?
start every lesson with a conversation structure as a warm up
encourage your learners to speak English only
encourage interactions
encourage your learners to use sentences more than one word answers
How to choose and develop activities to help improve the fluency of your learners
Use the activities from the following list and decide how you might develop them into fluency activities
see page 22 of your teacher's guide
information gap
just a minute (or 20 seconds)
problem solving
jigsaw pictures and texts
whole class discussions for opions
project work
some more idea's
discussions: learners can choose a topic
simulations: used with real life materials
brainstorming: unlimited idea's and exchange
storytelling: creative thinking, expressing idea's, feelings, experiences, dreams, wishes
story completion
conversation cards or list of conversation questions related to a topic and/or grammar structure/target language
picture narrating
picture describing
find the difference
find someone who.....
A happy learner & teacher
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