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Content Strategy

Tips for making your content the bread and butter of your blog. This presentation was given at NEPA BlogCon.

Shannon Nelson

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Content Strategy

Jessie Holeva
Shannon Nelson Content Strategy Stick to your niche
Know the audience you're targeting
What's your voice? Stay true to your mission statement Content Matrix How often?
Set guidelines Sponsored Posts Spikes in traffic?
What keywords are bringing people to your site? Review Your Traffic Frequency x Content Matrix + Clear Objectives = a healthy, kick ass blog
Plugins (Less is more.)
2-3 Keywords per post
Fast load time Source Content for
the Long Term Identify key metrics
What are your goals both short term and long term?
How do you measure success? Define Clear Objectives Your title tag: Characters depend on pixel width
Font size = 12-14pt
Beginning of post should contain a short line width.
Word count = 500 words
480-600 pixels/ 100 characters max
Optimized image The Anatomy of a Post How often are you posting?
Consistency is key
Staying organized aids for blog series and working with brands.
Hashtag series / think interactively
Show diverse content Editorial Calendar 4 Pillars
4 Quadrants Google Author
Choose same GPR or higher
Include link backs with anchor text
Original content only
Reward Guest Posts Trend Hungry
TrendHungry@gmail.com Jessie Holeva A Girl's Gotta Spa!
Shannon@agirlsgottaspa.com Shannon Nelson
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