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The Odyssey: The Challenge, Odysseus's Revenge, and Penelope's Test.

By: Michael Monteiro, Meghan Reidy, Eric Nelson, and Jenna Rin

Michael Monteiro

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of The Odyssey: The Challenge, Odysseus's Revenge, and Penelope's Test.

The Odyssey The Challenge, Odysseus's Revenge
and Penelope's Test. By: Michael Monteiro
Jenna Rin, Erik Nelson, and Meghan Reidy The Main Characters: Odysseus, Penelope, Telemachus,
Eurymachus, and the other suiters. The Challenge:
Plot The Challenge starts out
as Odysseus in desguise, returned to his
home of Ithaca. He was faced with multiple suiters
trying to win over his wife, Penelope. She created
a challenge so that whoever could string Odysseus's
bow, and shoot through twelve axe handle sockets
would marry her. The young suiters were all trying to win,
but none of them had been able to shoot through
the axe handles. Oydsseus, still in desguise, stepped up to shoot. His arrow did not hit any of the axe handle sockets. Because of his skill, the other suiters accused him of cheating; all along not realizing it was Odysseus. Odysseus's Revenge After the challenge, Odysseus reveals his true identity. He tell the suiters that his is done with their games. After the other suiters ignore him, Odysseous fires his bow at Antinous and kills him. Then the other suiters begin to protest. Eurymachus, a different suiter, tries to reason with Odysseus. After realizing that Odysseus will not reason, Eurymachus pulls out his sword and charges with the other suiters at Odysseus but gets killed by Odysseus's arrow. Telemachus quickly goes to his father and asks him if he should go get weapons and help. Odysseus agrees. Telemachus returns with weapons. He puts on a helmet and hands his father a sword then straps on a shield. They fight until all of the suiters were dead. Penelope's Test The scene begins when Penelope
approches Odysseus bathing. As Penelope
starts talking to him, she still does not believe that he is truly Odysseus. So she orders to slave, Eurycleia, to move Oydsseus's bed out of their bed chamber for him to sleep on for the night. Odysseus becomes furious at this because he built the bed that is in his and Penelope's bed chamber and he knows that no man can move it, only the power of the Gods can make move it. Becuase of this, Penelope realizes that he truly is Odysseus because no stranger would know about the magic of their wedding bed, made from hand by Odysseus. Homeric Epithets:
"But the man skilled in all ways of contending"(pg. 981)
-reffering to Odysseus's skill and ability

"crooked-minded Cronus"(pg. 1036)
-reffering to Cronus's disturbed mind; he is know in legned for eating his own children Homeric Similes "In blood and dust, he saw that crowd had fallen,
many and many slain. Think of a catch that fishermen haul....
how all are poured out onto the sand"(pg. 1042)

-the simile compares the unordinary murder of many suiters to a simple fisherman

"Now flashed arrow from twanging bow clean as a whistle through every socket ring, and grazed not one, to thud with heavy brazen head beyond."
-the simile compares the bow to a whistle

"Satisfied by the great bow's look and heft, like a musician like a harrer, when with quiet hand upon his intrusment he draws between his thumb and forefinger a sweet new string upon a peg. Overall the conflicts are....
Man vs. Man: with Odysseus versus the suiters and with Odysseous trying to convince Penelope that he truly is Odysseous
Man vs. Self: both Penlope and Odysseous have internal conflicts because while Odysseous grows upset that Penelope still does not believe that he truly is himself, Penelope also struggles believing that the strange in front of her is her long-lost husband Literary Elements: Elements of an Epic: A physically impressive hero: Odysseus: he is able to
kill many suitors and he can
shoot an arrow through 12
axe handle sockets without hitting them Action such as a quest or journey
requiring superhuman ability and
courage: Penelope's challenge involves
shooting an arrow through 12 axe handle sockets and Odysseus showed great courage when he took on and killed several suitors. Evidence of supernatural forces: "then Zeus thundered overhead, one loud crack for a sign" - this occured when Odysseus was about to shoot an arrow through the axe handles "Athena commands that peace prevail between Odysseus and the relatives of the slain suitors. "He drew to his fist the curel hand of an arow for Antinous just as the young man leaned to lift his beautiful drinking cup, embossed, two-headed, golden the cup was in his fingers: the wine was even at his lips: and did he dream of death? How could he? In that revelry amid his throng of friends who would imagine a single doe-though a strong foe indeed-could dare to bring death's pain on him and darkness on his eyes? Odysseus's arrow hit him under the chin and punched up to the feathers through his throat.
Backward and down he went, letting the winecup fall from his shocked hand. Like pipes his nostrils jetted crimson runnels, a river of mortal red, and one last kick upset his table knockings
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