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New MBA Program proposal for SOM XJTU

No description

Risatarn Jarungsuccess

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of New MBA Program proposal for SOM XJTU

New IMBA Program proposal for SOM XJTU
Market Environment Analysis of SOM and MBA programs
Background information of SOM and MBA Program
Porter's Five Forces
SWOT Analysis
Consumer Analysis
Chinese Students
Foreign Students
Our Suggestion
Market Environment Analysis of SOM and MBA programs
Background information of SOM and MBA Program
Porter's Five Forces
SWOT Analysis
Competitors analysis
Consumer Analysis (current and prospective students)
Our suggestion
Propose a New program
Background Information
MBA Program

Average to high
Number of enrollment
230 per year
Cooperation in MBA&EMBA
University of Alberta, Canada
CUHK /Chinese university of Hong Kong/
National university of Singapore
Research area
Teaching experience in English

Porter's Five Forces
Bargaining Power of Buyer
Various options of choosing MBA program
Influence of referral

Intensity of Rivalry
There are numerous business schools in China and worldwide providing MBA program

Threat of New Entrant
Qualification is needed
Take time to build reputation
High capital investment
Accreditation certificate

Threat of Substitute
Low to Medium
Short-term training program
On-the-job training

Bargaining Power of suppliers
Experienced researchers and professors
Advanced teaching facilities

SWOT Analysis
Outstanding research performance
Top ranking university in Western China

Lack of human resources who speak English
Teaching method is mostly a lecture class - not encourage a student to develop analytical thinking.
Plan and schedule is changed very often without proper notice
Insufficient facilities: student common room, computer lab, library, internet speed inconsistency
Only get accreditation from AACSB, (out of three accreditation – AMBA, EQUIS)
China growing economy attracts a lot of foreigner
Unique Chinese culture in doing business and management – theories developed by the western world may not be applied in China
Increasing number of Chinese graduated abroad - valuable human resources for the school

Intensive competition among business school to offer MBA program either English or Chinese
School location is in central west of China - lower level of economic development not an attractive place for foreigners
Not a top rank school for MBA program
Lanzhou University (Local)
Hong Kong Science and Technology University (International)
Feedback from Foreign Students
Needs and Wants
Better career opportunities
Develop business connection with classmates
Develop business management skills and experiences
Chinese language
Acquire knowledge about doing business in China
Question List
1. Why do/did you choose to study MBA?
2. Why do/did you choose XJTU?
3. What was/is your expectation from MBA program in XJTU?
4. Do you like the teaching method in XJTU? If no, what kind of teaching method do you like?
5. Are you satisfied with MBA program in XJTU?
6. Do you have any recommendations?
Feedback from Chinese Students
Needs and Wants
Better career opportunities (and salary)
Connections with senior managers and a potential cooperation opportunities
Solve problem found in the workplace
Change the expertise area
Most of students not satisfied with the SOM
Insufficient facilities: library, computer, internet
Teacher's English skills
Teacher's academic skills
Unpredictable schedules
Supervisor - no time, not speak English
Propose new program
Stage-Gate System
Stage 2: Definition
Competitive Advantage
Special courses for language and culture
Relationship with the major firms
Practical teaching methods
Internship opportunity
Company visit with alternative choices
Job placement
Teachers: Good English skills in communication, working experiences

Stage 3:Development Marketing Mix Strategy
Product : Full-time International MBA (1.5-2 yrs)
Price : 130,000 RMB for International MBA

Major firms that we have collaboration
Online Channel: Website
Shaanxi, Central China

School websites: English content
Course detail
Student life
Career path
MBA Video
Open House
Education Fair

Curriculum: core courses and elective courses

- Financial Accounting Foundations
- Leadership and organizational behavior
- HR
- Marketing: International and China focus
- Operations management
- Strategy
- Economy: International and China
- Entrepreneurship in China
- Internet business model
- Management of Information System
- Managerial Economics and Economics Foundation
- Statistical Method
- Business environment in China: Policy, law, economy
- Management of Innovation
- Cross-cultural management
- Outlook of China: Culture, History and Society
- Business English/ Chinese
Company visit/field trip
Workshop or simulation (business lab)
China Focus
Exchange program to our partner school abroad
Career service center
Alumni club
Company visit/Field trip
Student handbook
All communication methods should be in English
: class schedule, transcript, student handbook, other information forms, library and school website
Student common room
Computer lab
Elective courses
Improve staffs' English skills
: teacher, supervisor, coordinating staff
Autonomy to choose our own supervisor according to our field of interest
Facility lists available for the students
: location and condition to use
A class teaching how to do thesis
A career center to help MBA students find ideal jobs after graduation
Alumnus society to keep ex-students in touch, help them build new connections
More organized professional social events within the MBA program and with other famous local companies
More structured timetable that contains key time point and events
: International MBA
: Working experiences, age, demographic and nationalities
Target market
: Chinese and Foreign senior managers who are located in Xi’an and China's north-west region
: leader in MBA program in northwestern China
Tam, Jinu, Ariuna and Derek

Start date: September 2016
Beginning with developing the current MBA program as suggested
Using Stage-Gate System to help launch the new IMBA program
Making efforts on marketing SOM and its MBA program
IDEA :International MBA Program
Gate 1:
Initial screen
Project feasibility
Market attractiveness:Market for forign student willing to learn chinese of business is growing

Stage 1
:Preliminary Assessment
Determine market size and potential customers
Our market will be working international and chinese students

GATE 2:Second Screen
Re-evaluation of the project feasibility
Stage 2 :Definition
Market research
Competitive analysis

Gate 3:
Decision on Business Case
Evaluation of finance and strategy
Stage 3 :
Development Stage
Marketing and operational plan
Marketing plan :4ps
Gate 4:Post Development Review
Check on progress and attractiveness of the product
Stage 4:Validation
Test of the product
Pilot class for the management science students
Gate 5: Pre commercialization decision
Check Financial validation
Stage 5:Commercialization
Launch of the product after successful evaluation in 2016
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