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Best Practices Mouse Concept

No description

Aaron Iqbal

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Best Practices Mouse Concept

Market research.

We researched many mice when looking throughout the market – here are just a few of the products we looked at;

Market Research.
Fujitsu M440 Wired Optical Mouse Eco
Wood Based MaterialMade from 100% bio material with PVC free cable
M440 ECO works on nearly every surface
It features two buttons and one scroll wheel button
The human-centric shape makes it comfortable
for both right and left-handed users
M440 ECO is equipped with the convenient USB Plug-Play with 1-click fast connection
PRICE: £13.99


Product Design Spec.
• To create a computer mouse with zero impact on the environment:
• Biodegradable
•Easily manufactured (reducing cost & environmental impact)
• Cheap enough for the younger generations (survey)
• The mouse will be a easily chargeable wireless device with (----) functions
• Aesthetically pleasing • Eco-friendly • Ergonomically user-friendly
• (--x--)mm and 55-120grams
• Plastic to allow colourant additives and enhanced properties by making into alloys
• Injection moulding – cheap
• Can be made slightly rough on the surface to increase precision of mouse and reduce chances of slip

Product Design Spec.
Packaging must be recyclable (BS EN 13429: 2004)
BS EN ISO 14042:2000
Environmental management. Life cycle management. Life cycle impact assessment
BS 5760-18:2010
Reliability of systems, equipment and components. Guide to the demonstration of dependability requirements. The dependability case

For this assignment we have been asked to design an innovative “zero impact mouse” using “best practices” in terms of research and design. The product must have low to no impact on the environment. We are going to design the mouse using Creo Parametric and then scrap engineering to produce a model.

Zero Impact Mouse.
Product Design Spec.
No more than £10 and to be sold in retail for £10-15 as 70.59% of people we asked said they would spend £5-£20
• Long product life span as eco-friendly products are being more and more desirable
• Primary and Secondary Research – Surveys,market research etc.
• Initial designs
• Creo modelling
• Adaptation of models – Final idea


The average person spends 20+ hours on the computer per week
(960+ hours a year).
3000 hours service life (roughly 3 years)

The casing of mouse should be partially waterproof/water repellent to stop damage to the components by sweat etc.

Must also be recyclable and should protect the mouse if it’s thrown or dropped from 5m away

This Gantt chart shows the basic layout for how we would manufacture our mouse

Gantt Chart
Survey Results.
Survey Results.
Research Overview
Concept Sketches
Concept Sketches.
Computer Aided
Computer Aided Model
Prototype model.
Comparison to PDS
Conceptual Zero Impact Computer Mouse

Logitech Ultrathin darkfield touch mouse
Bluetooth connectivity
Extremely sensitive
Quality Design
Use mouse on any surface
PRICE: £69.99

USB Wood Wooden 2.4GHz Wireless Mice
Natural Eco-friendly Laptop Computer Mouse
2.4GHz wireless technology.
Optical sensor up to 800/1600cpi.
This is a wireless USB mouse that works
on the 2.4ghz frequency and even has a
built in rechargeable battery.
PRICE: £24.99

MAD CATZ R.A.T 9 Gaming Mouse
6 Programmable buttons
Palm and Pinkie rests
Zero Latency
2.4Ghz Wireless TechnologyWireless Receiver/Recharge Dock
Custom Weight System
3 Cyborg Modes
Lightweight Metal Chassis
6400 DPI

Ergonomics are very important as it will reduce
the amount of stress and pressure on the hand
and the joints. This is imperative because people
who work long hours on the computer may develop
carpal tunnel syndrome or other health problems due to the prolonged use of a badly designed mouse.

How a Hand sits
naturally on a
Mice Nowadays come in a variety of shapes and
As a group we decided the mouse was
flawed in a fundamental way,
as when the hand is in a natural
position it is in more of a handshake
position rather than “flat” on the desk - as the majority of mice are made today.
Therefore, we decided it was an important feature to include on our design, this would not only improve comfort for our client, but would also make us stand out in the industry.

Do not have the desired properties.
Some benefits to metals.
Easily Machined-But with a downside.

Good Insulators
Can be manufactured in many different ways
Heavy and Brittle

Easily Manufactured
Un-comfortable with polishing, sanding and varnishing
Environmentally friendly?

-Most fitting material
-Variety of properties
-Can be made into alloys, or use fillers to enhance properties
-So many to choose from
– zero – impact
– Biodegradable polymers and bio-plastics
-Bio-plastics – sustainable, bio-degradable – ideal materials
-Suitable Materials - Cellulose acetate, Polylactide, hydroxypropionic acid
-Polylactide (PLA) ideal – melting temp. 173°C – injection moulded – can be made hard – durable – easily coloured – easily recycled.

From CES selector:
“Polylactide, PLA, is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from natural lactic acid from corn, maize or milk. It resembles clear polystyrene, provides good aesthetics (gloss and clarity), but it is stiff and brittle and needs modification using plasticizers for most practical applications. It can be processed like most thermoplastics into fibres, films, thermoformed or injection moulded.”

There is a possibility to add fillers additives to the material which can help stop it biodegrading as it is a biodegradable polymer.

Products Made from Polylactide.
Key Polylactide Properties.
Density: 1.2513 k/m^3
Price: 1.67 per KG
Compressive Strength: 60 HV
Electrical Insulator
Thermal Insulator

Polylactide Life

Ergonomic Design
Easily Gripped
Polylactide Shell
3 Programmable buttons
Large Left and Right click buttons
Wireless Adapter
High DPI
Injection molded
Plug and Play feature - 1 click setup.

Ergo Mouse Properties.
Ergo Mouse II Properties
Ergonomic Design
Easily Gripped
3 Programmable buttons
High Dpi
Injection moulded
Wired - requires no batteries or charging.
Plug and Play feature
Change sensitivity button, in order to use even less electricity.

From Our Research we have discovered;
- Our Main aim will be ergonomics, trying to make
the mouse as comfortable as possible is key.
- Our Chosen Material will be Polylactide - it is strong,
easily colored, recyclable and has very little impact on the environment.
- The mouse cannot cost more than £20, and also needs to be not only wireless, but also, work every single time, quickly and easily.
- Injection molding is our most likely form of building our mouse.
- PLA is a cheap material, so if we were to manufacture this mouse, we could make a substantial profit.
Concept One.
- Ergonomic design
- 3 programmable buttons
- Scroll wheel.
-Sleep Mode
-Wired connectivity.
Concept Two.
-Minimal Design,
-Less plastic used.
-Wireless Connectivity.
-Scroll Wheel
-Rubber and Plastic
Casing to improve grip
Concept Three.
- Large body, easy for gripping
- Ergonomic Design
-PLA with Rubber cover for grip.
- Sleep button
- Change Sensitivity button
-Wired Connectivity.
Concept Four.
- Ergonomic Design
-Wireless Connectivity
-PLA cover with Rubber for grip.
-3 Programmable buttons.
-Sleep Mode Button.
- High DPI
The Design Process.
Survey 2
Survey Conclusions
Majority only use their mouse for general use
Wireless Capabilities very important
Price, no more than £20
Design not as important as first thought
Needs to function every time
Needs to able to set up easily
A more eco friendly mouse is a preferred selling point
People spend 20+ hours on the computer a week
4-6 years is the expected life of a mouse
Predominantly right hand users
The generic mouse design is desired
Wireless is important
Packaging sells the product well
Extra buttons are important
An aesthetically pleasing mouse is desired by most
Packaging Design
Our finished design meets most of the standards of the PDS.
It is biodegradable, recyclable and easily manufactured (injection moulding).
It has been designed specifically to be ergonomic and this also makes it aesthetically pleasing.
Its is manufactured from polylactide which allows additives and fillers to preserve the product from sweat/water/vapour
The material is cheap along with the manufacturing which allows our mouses' RRP to be between the set prices of £10-£15

A list of features our packaging contains;
- Made from Recycled Corrugated Cardboard; Eco-friendly; easily printed on; Strength; Lightweight; Recyclable.
-Design; Aesthetically pleasing to open; Mouse and wire fit snug in the box to create less packaging.
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