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Have a Good Four Years

No description

Nicole Ko

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Have a Good Four Years

Have a Good Four Years
"At Harvard, a college education means FAR
something to be endured in order to
get jobs
pursue further studies
Derek Curtis Bok

Three goals for undergraduate program
1. Acquire
Acquire knowledge
Accept the ambiguity
Make use of your leisure time
Critical Analysis :
1. Derive useful concepts
and generalizations.
2. Find and process data.、
ㄒConcentrated Knowledge

General Knowledge ㄋ
Fleeting Information

ㄙㄜPermanent Skills ㄩ

2. Accept the
3. Make use of your
leisure time
Have A Good Four Years
1. A willingness to accept ambiguity.
2. A sense of the complexity of human affairs.
3. An independence of thought.
4. A respect for the disturbing conclusions
to which facts sometimes lead.
1. In the classroom - in courses in the
humanities and the arts.

2. Much stimulation will occur outside
the lecture hall — on athletic fields, in
music rooms, student theaters,
concert halls.
1. Think about a required course in your college life.

2. How do you put it into practice?

Face moments of frustration, anxiety and bewilderment in a positive way.
New Good Man
Do not to take ourselves too seriously.
The world is worth your attention.
Think broadly V.S. Set our sights on some limited goals.
Help those in need.
design thickng
change before you have to
critical thicking
Text & Voice : Nicole Ko
Editor & Designer : Ron Yu

You are not special.
Commencement Speech from Boston Wellesley High School
David McCullough, Jr.
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click the video
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