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My Campus

No description

cansu duru

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of My Campus

Everything has both visible and invisible sides
Visibly, you can see that my university is created in 1958,
located in Eskisehir, Turkey.
this university has totaly over than 1 million students,
studying in open and formal education.
The things you don't know about my campus is the invisible side of the iceberg.
My campus is city in the city.
It is located in the heart of Eskisehir, Venice of Turkey
Venice of Turkey?
Yes, I am right.
With the Porsuk River passing through the city and the bridges over the river, Eskisehir looks to be Venice.
My university is as modernly designed as Eskisehir so it offers lots of facilities to us. Let's see
Education is well qualified because our lecturers are equipped and friendly.
Having its own print house,my university publish coursebooks for its students.
Our university has its own TV and Radio Channel for open education students
My university gives international education, it has many students from different countries.
I 'm sure you don't know that my university welcomes exchange students thanks to exchange programs.
Anadolu Erasmus Student Network
Not only its education but also seminar and conferences given in the campus help us to improve our personality and academic knowledge.

What do we do in our leisure time in campus?
Coffee houses for chatting with friends.
Universal library for searching and reading
We have
museums in our campus that make us remember our history and enable us to keep up with modern life
cinema offering chance for watching movies with lower prices
open daily cinema offering chance for watching movies with lower prices
student clubs which meet our curiosity of different branches.
we have also other exclusive opportunities like;
airport which belongs to university
3 banks and more than 10 ATM
refectory offering 4 different meals for only 50 cent, daily.
gymnasium for healthier life
safe studying environment thanks to high security
Graduating from Anadolu University is big honor for us...
Cansu Duru & Aysegül Bagcı
Thanks for watching
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