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the sun

No description

catherine carter

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of the sun

The Sun by Cathrine Carter The sun is a star the sun is about 93 millon miles away from the earth Sunspots are dark, but still hot! The core of the sun is is 27 million degrees F. Some solar flares effect radios and phone calls the sun is the closest star to earth The sun lights the moon. people are solar powered because we need the sun to live. Soalar Power means to power somthing from the energy of the sun the sun has several layers of gases sometimes there are explotions called solar flares the surrface of the sun is called the photospere Bibliography The Sun by Michael George published by the Child's World inc. copyrighted in 1998 Webster's New World Dictionary copyrighted in 1989 Science Texbook copyrighted in 2000 The End
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