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My Holidays


Miksen Menksen

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of My Holidays

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Disney Cruise Holidays To Remember Thi is my summer house.
It is more than 100 years old .
I have been going here for every summer of my life To get to my summer house you have to drive up there for eight hours.
This is one of the exciting things i saw on the way! Mexico Puerto Vallarta Do the Horses look the same? If you do then you are right !
This horse is called licorice
I rode licorice when i was four and so did my brother! Sekon The Disney cruise was most probably my favourite christmas vacation i have ever had!
I liked it because it was diffrent and no one i knew had done it before so it was unique from all my other friends. Princess time! Mexico was i very interesting and fun filles trip it was interesting because back then i had no idea how pullutes one town could be and there are so many reason its funjust look at the photos!
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