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A quick-start and information guide

Kayla Nazario

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game made up of blocks. These blocks are used to make structures, cities, and tools to collect more resources. During the night, you fight dangerous mobs that are trying to kill you while you collect precious resources. You then build things straight from your imagination. It is possible to build nearly anything in Minecraft.
As the name suggests, it means " player vs. player". Pvp is a minigame that the goal is to kill other players. This is a trailer of a pvp server.
Redstone can be compared to electrical wiring. It can make pistons push, dispensers shoot, doors open, and turn light on and off. It is obtained by mining redstone. Redstone follows 9 rules. Levers, buttons, redstone torches, and soon to be, redstone blocks, power redstone dust. Redstone can carry a charge of 15 blocks maximum. If a piston pushes a redstone dust, repeater, or torch, it will break. Redstone dust powers the block it is on and pointing into. Redstone repeaters refreshes the distance and introduces 1 tick which is able to be changed to 2 and 3 ticks. Redstone repeaters can push and pull a redstone charge through a block. A redstone torch powers the block directly above it. A block above a redstone torch powers all redstone wire adjacent to it. If redstone is powering a block and a redstone torch is connected to that block, the redstone torch will turn off.
(Redstone ore)
(Redstone repeater)
(Redstone dust)
(Redstone torch)
(Redstone wire)
Surviving your first night
To survive your first night, you first start by punching a tree for wood to make a crafting table, a essential tool to make things. You then use some wood to make a wooden pickaxe. After that you mine some stone to make an stone pickaxe and stone sword. You then quickly make a house, and if possible, a bed to skip the
night. The next day can try to
make a wheat farm and any other
things you want.

Example of a new world
Servers are places to meet and play with other people. There are many types of servers: Pvp servers, survival map servers, hunger games servers, and minigame servers. All of them will have people playing on it. Sometimes it will be full and inaccessible, in that case, you will have to go to a different server.
Mods are used to change how Minecraft is played. Mods adds, generates new things, and creates new crafting recipes. To use mods, you need to download modloader. Modloader is required to configure mods to be compatible with your game. For some other mods to be configured, it requires a program called Minecraft Forge. Modloader and
Forge are not
A place to down load modloader
Address to download Buildcraft
Redpower 2
link to download
Too Many Items mod in use
Recourse Packs
Texture packs change how the blocks look like. There are texture packs people made that you can download, and there is custom texture packs which you decide what the blocks look like. For some texture packs, you need the mod Optifine.
Painterly pack is a customizable pack. Which you decide what the items look like. You can edit sounds mobs make and other things.
(requires Forge)
(requires Forge)
(could use either)
A place to download Minecraft forge
Samurai texture pack
Mobdrops and items used to make things
In parkour you jump from block to block trying not to fall. You can sprint and climb on ladders to get to the end. Usually seen on adventure maps.
Hunger Games
These games are a free-for-all. You survive while trying not to die. In survival games you collect resources from chests and make tools and weapons. In hunger games, you are not allowed to destroy anything, but survive by killing other people and looting chests.
In spleef, the objective of the game is to destroy the ground under your opponents feet to make them fall. This is a two or more player game. Most minigame servers have this

Survival Games
Survival games starting
Hunger games arena
Passive mobs do not attack under any circumstance. You can breed all of the animals using wheat except chickens which needs seeds and pigs which requires carrots. For villagers to breed, it requires a certain number of doors and houses. The only passive mobs that are unable to be bred are bats and squids.
Passive Mobs
Hostile Mobs
Neutral Mobs
Ocelot wild
Ocelot tamed
They do not drop anything, but can be tamed with raw fish. They will run away from the player unless they are holding raw fish. Creepers do not get near them and will run away from them.
They drop 1 wool if you kill them, but if you use sheers they drop 1-3 wool and still live. They eat grass to regrow their wool.
They drop 0-2 leather upon death along with 1-3 raw steak. If they die by fire they drop cooked steak instead.
Right-click them with a
bucket to obtain milk.
Squids only spawn in water and suffocate in air.They drop 1-3 ink sacs upon death.
They drop 0-2 feathers and 1 raw chicken upon death. If they die in a fire they drop 1 cooked chicken is instead. Every 5-10 minutes they lay an egg. When throwing and egg, it has an 1/8 chance of spawning a baby chick.
They drop 1-3 raw porkchops upon death. If they die from fire, they drop cooked porkchops. Its is possible to place a saddle on them and lead them using a carrot on a stick.
Bats spawn in caves, fly around, and do not drop anything, including xp.
Villagers do not drop anything, but you can trade with them, such as 20 pieces of paper for an emerald or an emerald for 5 steak. If there is a certain amount of villagers and houses, a iron golem will spawn to protect them.
Hostile mobs will attack you on sight.
Neutral mobs will not attack you except under special circumstances. The most common circumstance is being attacked
Creepers blow up
when you get near
1.4 Crafting Network
Zombies attack you when you get near them, but will burn in daylight. They can break down doors on the hard difficulty.
Skeletons shoot you when you are close enough to them. They burn in sunlight.
Spiders can climb up walls. They attack you when you get near enough to them, but if in bright enough light, they become neutral.
Cave spiders are small and just like spiders in that they can climb up walls and become neutral in bright enough light. They have the added ability to have an chance to poison you depending on the difficulty
Ghasts shoot fireballs upon seeing you. They are fire resistant and fly.
The spider jockey is basically the skeleton sitting on a spider. It has the combined skills of both mobs. When one dies, the other stands by itself.
Wither skeletons are spawned with a stone sword. When they die they have a chance to drop their head, which is the key component to summoning the Wither. They are fire resistant.
Made by Mojang

Slimes are found in certain areas near the bottem of the world and in swamps. It comes in three sizes and when you kill a bigger one it splits into the next size smaller until it is at the smallest size. It moves by jumping around.
Magma cubes are just like slimes except that they are und in the nether and are fire resistant
Witches can be one of the toughest mobs in the game since they throw potions at you and can give themselves positive potion effects. They are only found in witch huts which sometimes spawn in swamps.
Silverfish are spawned only through spawners found in strongholds. They can hide is stone-based blocks and come out when another silverfish is angered. They aren't very strong but can easily overwhelm you with a large amount of them.
If you have an idea for a new minecraft prezi, please say it in the comments.
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