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Industry gets the job done!

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chuck norris

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Industry gets the job done!

Budapest San
Francisco Liberty Ships
Reveted 1/3 of all military equipment were manifactured by the auto industry, therefore it replaced cars.
Henry Ford created a huge assembly line for an enormous B24 Bomber, also known as the Liberator.
Auto mobile factories also produced artliery rifles, mines, helmets, and pontoon bridges. Industry Gets The Job Done! Henry Kaiser came up with a way to make ships cheap and fast. He had the parts prefabricated, and brought to the shipyard for assembly.
They were welded but tended to crack. The vice Admiral Emory land head of the U.S. Maritime commission preferred liberty ships.
Henry Kiaser was in the construction industry ,but started ship industry because Germans were sinking U.S. Boats.
When the war began it took 244 days to build a ship, right after Kiaser started his mass production. Which took 44 days to build.
Reveted ships were not repaired when damaged, everyone preferred Liberty Ships.

The liberty ship was superior to many warships because it was?
A. welded instead of riveted.
B. riveted instead of welded.
C. painted in camouflage.
D. painted red white and blue. War
Production Board. President Roosevelt gave the WPB the authority to set priorities and production goals and control the distribution of raw materials and supplies.
Pronouns and situation the military agaencies continued to sign contracts without consulting with Roosevelt established the office of War Mobilization different agaencies. "The greatest advantage the United States enjoyed on the ground in the fighting was . . . the jeep and the two-and-a-half ton truck. These are the instruments that moved and supplied United States troops in battle, while the German army . . . depended on animal transport . . . The United States, profiting from the mass production achievements of its automotive industry . . . had mobility that completely outclassed the enemy." - General Geroge Marshall What does this passage tell us about the way World War II was won? F. Having superior equipment intimidated the enemy. G. Moving troops and supplies quickly was critical. H. Ground troops had the most difficult job. J. Without jeeps and trucks, soldiers had to walk.
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