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Crowd-Powered Collaboration and Microblogging: Write Small, Think Big

Chapters 3-4 of Journalism Next

Jon Zmikly

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Crowd-Powered Collaboration and Microblogging: Write Small, Think Big

Crowd-Powered Collaboration
Microblogging: Write Small, Think Big

Collaboration is Key
Wearing many "hats"
Connecting with the community
Ex: Neighborsgo - Dallas Morning News
Crowdsourcing - passionate communities
Open-source reporting - transparency
Pro-Am Journalism - audience publishes on same platform
"The people formerly known as the audience"
- Jay Rosen, NYU
Terms to know:
the power of crowdsourcing:
the online version of Encyclopaedia Britannica cannot keep up with Wikipedia in terms of updating articles and information. And Microsoft, with all its resources, has struggled to keep pace with the development of the Firefox browser, a project powered by volunteers collaborating under the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation.
Journalistic process is now open
Transparency is key
Pulling back the curtain and welcoming feedback
Can build loyalty and improve credibility
"Do what you do best, and link to the rest" - Jeff Jarvis
Open-source reporting
Crowdsourcing is a Mixed Bag
Think about Google. All they do is link away from themselves
Link Journalism
"Using editorial judgment to provide links to other sources of news and information, based on the needs and interests of a particular audience."
Goal should be value - if a link is valuable, why wouldn't you post it?

CNN iReport
Pro-Am Journalism
What if the content is poor quality?
More like an instant message journal
Submitted by text, email, web or app
Mobile makes the difference
Ease of publishing; ease of consuming
Simple interface
Short bursts rather than long, drawn out articles
Ambient awareness - the ability to maintain a constant connection with others without a direct communication tool like phone or email, which is one-to-one. This is persistent, yet passive
Launched July 2006
Gained popularity SXSW 2007
Founders Evan Williams (@ev), Biz Stone (@biz) and Jack Dorsey (@jack)
Evan Williams is the CEO; keynote at SXSW 2010
Grew out of Odeo - audio/video search project
About 500 million have signed up
Redesign Sept. 2010
Breaking news
A pulse
Real-time search
Building community
Marketing and building a brand
80-20 rule
Why Is Twitter Such A Big Deal!?
In groups of two, discuss your recent usage of Twitter.
In what ways is Twitter valuable?
What aspects of Twitter do you not yet understand?
Discuss for 10 minutes. Make notes. We will discuss as a group.
Not a "one-size-fits-all" formula
Stories not always told with journalistic conventions
link journalism
"citizen journalism"
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