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Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate Acid

No description

carina di valerio

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate Acid

Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate Acid
Category of drug
Primary Effects
Consumption of less than 1 gram of GHB acts as a relaxant, causing a loss of muscle tone and reduced inhibitions. Consumption of 1 to 2 grams causes a strong feeling of relaxation and slows the heart rate and respiration. At this dosage level, GHB also interferes with blood circulation, motor coordination, and balance. In stronger doses, 2 to 4 grams, pronounced interference with motor and speech control occurs. A coma-like sleep may be induced, requiring intubation to wake the user. When mixed with alcohol, the depressant effects of GHB are enhanced. This can lead to respiratory depression, unconsciousness, coma, and overdose.
Side Effects
Side effects associated with GHB may include nausea, vomiting, delusions, depression, vertigo, hallucinations, seizures, respiratory distress, loss of consciousness, slowed heart rate, lowered blood pressure, amnesia and coma. GHB can become addictive with sustained use.
Legal responses
to drug

Street Names:
Grievous Bodily Harm
Liquid X
Liquid E
Liquid Ecstasy
Easy Lay
Georgia Home Boy
Bedtime Scoop
Gamma 10
Energy Drink
Grievous Bodily Harm
Great Hormones at Bedtime
Salty Water
Cherry Menth
and Organic Quaalude
Gamma hydroxybutyrate is a powerful, rapidly acting central nervous system depressant. It was first synthesized in the 1920s and was under development as an anesthetic agent in the 1960s. GHB is produced naturally by the body in small amounts but its physiological function is unclear. GHB is often injested with alcohol.

Penalties for Possession With Intent to Distribute GHB:

The penalties for distributing, selling or manufacturing GHB has a second degree crime and is subjected with a fine of up to $150,000 and prison of 5 to 10 years.
Penalties for Possession of GHB:
the Penalties for possession of GHB has a third degree crime and is subjected with a fine of up to $100,000, and 0 to 5 years in jail.

Legal responses to drug
Penalties for Possession With Intent to Distribute GHB:
Penalties for first time offense:
Distributor is subjected with 2 and
a half years of jail time.

Penalties for second and more time
Distributor is mandatory of minimum 5
years in jail and maximum 15 years.
With a fine of $2,500 up to $25,000.
It is produced in illegal labs.The chemicals and processes vary from lab to lab as does the strength and purity of the substance.
In the 1960's, the doctors used it as anesthetic but soon abandoned it following the discovery that it's a poor analgesic effect.
In the 1980's, it was recognized as a fat burner and muscle developer.
In the 1990's, people started using it as muscle enhancer and sleep aids.
The FDA later declared this product unsafe and
ordered it to be removed off the shelves.
GHB is produced naturally in a body of a person in very small amounts.
The creator of GHB is French scientist Henri Laborit in 196o to maintain or to restore biological homeostasis in the human body.
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