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paulaa martinez

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of sport

Summer Olympics BMX is an acrobatic form of cycling which originated in California in the 1970s. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics, BMX is an Olympic sport. Modalities Race:
Involves eight riders each on the street that has been assigned after falling over the fence. The circuit has an approximate length of 400m. Pass to the next round of 4 finishers. FreeStyle:
There are 5 categories: Dirt Jump: This form of freestyle is to perform acrobatic stunts using ramps land of measures can be from 1.50 to 3 meters high and the receiver has to be 20 cm higher than the launcher and the distance from the launcher to the receiver can be 2 to 3 meters. Flatland: The flatland is the mode in which the stunts are performed on a concrete floor or pavement, by turns standing on the frame, handlebars ... is perhaps one of the most difficult to master in flatland bikes are often used special forms to improve the balance and be more comfortable spending their feet without crashing. Park: It consists in performing stunts using a set of ramps and other obstacles is concrete or wood to form "lines" in the park and moving from one trick to another, from one obstacle to another smoothly. The tricks most common are usually the barspin (back to the handlebars), tailwhip (back to the table), x-up (180 degrees with the handlebars, leaving the arms in place of "X"), and tricks extreme, and backflip or Frontflip , flair (backflip + 180), Vert: For this type of sport, is necesariouna ramp with at least one section completely vertical in the vertical superior.permitesaltar to perform their tricks and fall back into the same rampa.Las ramps are built on a half-pipe configuration called . The tricks, similar to the "Park" Street: For this form of BMX obstacles are sought "natural" in the street, ie part of urban land. Examples of these obstacles can be a park bench, in this mode tend to grind tricks, is to slide the pegs or in combination with other parts of the bike. Not only grind tricks used in street mode, there are many other tricks practicable with street obstacles. bmx by: paula martinez
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