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Rudd corporate presentation 2010

presentation for all new prospects

David Rudd

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Rudd corporate presentation 2010

Double click anywhere & add an idea Lancope--Leader in NetFlow Collection and Analysis Leveraging existing network infrastructure
Minimal hardware
Enterprise Scalability More than simple traffic analysis
Intelligence to NetFlow data
Prioritization of issues
Faster Time to Remediation Network Performance Monitoring
Application Performance Monitoring
Virtualization Network Visibility
Network Security Monitoring & Alerting
Compliance Reporting & Auditing How many times a week do you get a call asking why is the network slow? How do you determine it's an application issue rather than a network problem? Do you have visibility into VM to VM communications? From a security perspective, do you have 100% visibility on your internal network & remote sites? If you fall under compliances such as PCI or HIPAA, do you feel that you have sufficient control and awareness of all network activity? It's all about the visibility! Network Security Director “I want to see 100% of the traffic on 100% of this network and every network attached to it that we have security responsibility for.” “What I know is that we do not have the level of visibility that we need. What I know is that we cannot continue to rely on span ports.”
Network Manager But Visibility isn't always a budgeted project Network
MPLS Migration
Network Monitoring
Capacity Planning
WAN Optimization
Datacenter Migrations
Application Mapping
Server virtualization
Remote Store/Branch Security
Internal IDS
Complementary IDS
Data Center Security
Data Loss Prevention
Intrusion Management Enhancements
Virtual Server Security
Virtual Desktop

PCI Compliance
HIPAA Compliance
SCADA Security
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