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Copy of 06.01 Economic Relationships

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christina flores

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of 06.01 Economic Relationships

Polluted Waterways
06.01 Economic Relationships
All the animals in the water and oceans get killed by the thousand each year by pollution in the water and other things that contaminate the water to make the fish lose their lives.
When there are open waterways to get into the rivers, ponds, pools, etc. it can contaminate fast and quickly killing all the living things in the water instantly. and the people swimming in that water can catch something from the polluted water.
because of alot of animals dying because of the water, another animal might think that it's good food to eat, and if they eat it that will become contaminated and die.
All contaminated water places , like the water underground can make the water that is not polluted, polluted. So if we don't make sure the water we have locally is not contaminated, then we can all get sick.
Pollution can destroy alot of things throughout the years. Like animals, their homes, and even plants and trees. we need to find a way to stop pollution.
the use of pesticides can throw people off. another way to keep pollution from forming is keeping your local area clean, and help keeping the world clean however we can. with the world being clean and not trashy can help pollution.
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