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p8 Rome

If you add a comment and like this, you get a free cookie with a side dish of a cupcake! i'll also throw in a capri sun! if i can get all that to school! but u have to ask first!

Caitlyn Thomas

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of p8 Rome

Ancient & awesome Rome Religion The Romans worshipped hundreds of gods,
12 of those gods had the most power. People
worshipped these gods in their homes, most made
food offerings.
The panthenon was built in honor of all the hundred
of the roman gods, The panthenon was eventually turned
into a christian church. ENVIRONMENT The Mediterranean Sea borders Rome, the Po, Adige, and Tiber are the rivers in Rome. The mountains are Apennines and the Alps. the winters are wet and cold while the summers are hot and dry. They also had fertile land for farming.
Culture Family was the most
important thing in society. Some games children would play were; Tag, Hide and go seek, or they could play with blocks or dolls.
Lots of children also had pet dogs. Some of the people in Ancient Rome owned slaves, woman had little power.
For meals they ate bread, barley, fruit, olives, fish, mushrooms, oysters, meats, milk, cheese, and eggs.
Inventions The romans invented many things. Some of the things were roads, buildings, sewers, cocrete, coins, and pots. They also invented many weapons, a heating system, bathrooms, and the calender we use today. A lot of the objects that we use today were invented by the romans. Politics/Government The king, who was selected by the senate,
had all of the power. This type of government
was called monarcy. After Etruscans was removed
from being king, the republic began. In a republic
government, one individual could not gain to much power.
In Rome there were two groups: the upper class, Patricians, and lower class, Plebeians.
Politics/Government There were two types of people
in ancient rome. the lower class
plebians, and upper class patricians.
There where three branches in
he ancient Rome government.
Executive, Legislative and Judicial Economy Most people in ancient Rome
where farmers. Some of the people
who worked on the farm where slaves.
Farmers would pay taxes partly in food and
partly in money. With the money farmers made
from selling crops they grew like barley, fruit, and olives
farmers would buy clothes and furniture. THE END! THE END! THE END! Caitlyn. Rachel. Amanda
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