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I was born in Virginia. (Fairfax County Hospital) and i've l

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Kenia Sorto

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of I was born in Virginia. (Fairfax County Hospital) and i've l

Kenia Sorto
My humble beginnings
Family of 5
I am youngest sibling of three. I, being the youngest and only girl; having to older brothers. -Angel, 26 -Christian, 22.
The Givers of Life:
Thank to my two parents, they've given us everything we've needed. Nevertheless, life. Without them, we wouldn't be where or he we are. I'm thankful for them!
I was born in the Virginia Fairfax Hospital and I've remain in Virginia living in Herndon all my life.
My first Milestone(s):
My first elementary school was Clearview. I spent my years from Pk to 3rd grade. From there I transferred to Herndon Elementary whom which it was from there I finished.
Herndon Middle School:
I spent my two years in Herndon Middle.
High School:
Currently I am in High school. As a senior, it's a good feeling to know that this is it!
I love to eat almost about anything. But my main dishes are Chinese Food and Mexican Food. Their my weaknesses.
I don't have preferences on music; i'll listen to anything.
My favorite color is Brown and Orange!
My embarrassing moment:
I was in kindergarten and on my way home, I fell asleep in the school bus and missed my stop so they sent me back to school and my mom had to pick me up and i was crying in panic.
Life-Changing Moment:
Becoming of age and becoming a Christian. It COMPLETELY changed my outlook because a lot changes were made in me. It wasn't easy at first, and it still isn't easy today because being perfect is impossible and being someone you never where is hard. But everyday a perfection is done in me and I'm who and how I am.
I'm the type of person who dislikes it when people judge. We all do it but it's not right and I always try to never do that. When you get to know me, I'm very interactive and outgoing. Life is a gift so I believe that we deserve to enjoy it. I always try to make people feel good.
One of my favorite movies has been "Smoking Aces"
I'm still undecided but my plans are to attend Shenandoah University.
Where I plan to be in life is having a Medical Degree in Radiology or Optometry.
I'm a lefty :]
I believe that everyone deserves to live how they want with no one else caring what they think. I mainly believe that you live with integrity and with no regrets. Those things called "mistakes" are just lessons you carry in life. Im happy for who I am!
My other part of me:
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