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The Religious Society

No description

Jose Arias-Ortiz

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of The Religious Society

The Canterbury Tales The Religious Society The Monk The Friar The Nun The Parson The Oxford Cleric The Pardoner The Summoner Head of abbey of monks
Fat priest
Wore fine clothing
Profound in studies Part of aristocracy, Talented and wealthy beggar
Earns money by hearing confessions
He has a throat as white as a lily
Likes to seduce women
Takes money from widows
Wears nice and new robes A high-ranking nun
Elegant, Delicate lady
Very developed and large
Wore Veil, cloak, and gaudies •A student with knowledge on philosophy•He owned a skinny horse
•Not very religious
•He preferred red and black books (Aristotle's philosophy)
•Learning was a favorite hobby of his
•He spoke words of wisdom
•He wears cheap clothing
Chose to study over everything else
•He is wealthy but seems poor due to his clothes Patient in adversity, holy, knows the gospel
Intelligent, but not smart to the point of arrogance.
Clean in his appearance; also spiritually clean
Cares about pleasing God, not society Degraded lower class
Sells “holy” relics
Waxy yellow hair, no beard, voice like a billy goat, and bulging eyes
Wears no hood but a hat with a “holy” relic sewed upon it
Fake, phony, and insincere Degraded Lower Class
Drinks in excess, accepts bribes, blackmails
Affected by excessive pimples that cover all of his face and cannot be cured.
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