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Roller Coasters

No description

Caroline Kendrick

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters
Golden Age Of Roller Coasters
In 1884 Coney Island opened in New York City. La Marcus Thompson invented the 'Mauch Chunk Switchback. People would stand in line for three hours,and pay five cents, to
ride over a few bumps on the ride.
In the 1970s with the help of steel tracks rides could go upside down and in cork screw spirals.
Crazy Roller Coasters Around The World
Desperado – Primm, Nevada.
The coaster starts with a brief ride over the casino floor, then through the wall and outside and up, up, up to the top where you will take a 225-foot plunge - at the top you are higher than the the hotel, you're literally looking down at the roof of their hotel and then you and a car full of tourists drop down into the earth - into an underground tunnel of blackness.
How They Started
In Russia in the 1400s people would climb a mountain and then slide down on a block of ice padded with straw into a pile of sand
They called the slides 'flying
mountains'. They were massive
and carried passengers the
length of several city blocks.
At first they were
not very fun, because they did
not go very fast and people
showed up to watch the
disaster of others crashing
into large sand piles instead
of going on the rides
In 1955 Disneyland in California was opened
>In the 1920's a lot of new Roller Coaster technology was developed Helping to make the rides much more thrilling. This time period is referred to as the "Golden Age Of Roller Coasters.
In 1959 Steel tracking was invented.
This allowed for new types of inversions
and upside down rides.
'Flying Mountains'
In 1984 stand-up roller coasters were invented one modern day example is the 'Green Lantern' ride at six flags
In 2005 Kingda Ka was built. It is known as the 'Tallest Fastest Roller Coaster' in the world
Oblivion - Staffordshire, England
If you’re afraid of heights then the Oblivion is not the coaster from you. That’s because it literally drops 180 feet into a hole in the ground.
Eejanaika - Fujiyoshida, Japan fourth dimension coaster which spins 360 degrees and gets up to speeds of 78 mph. You literally have no control of your body. The G force alone will make it pretty much impossible for you to raise your hands over your head.
New Additions
>Gravity (g-force)
>Potential Energy
>Kinetic Energy
>Acceleration Force
>Centripetal Force
>Balanced and Unbalanced
>Newton's 1, 2, 3
Acceleration Force
Centripetal Force
study of how things move
Fear is the thrill
loss of control
Fear of heights and falling
special effects
how they look
head choppers
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