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Sofi Rohm

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of MEASUREMENT & CONTROL (Sofia,Sofia,Sofia)

A control system is usually
a computer program Systems never break or
have problems The bad things of a control
system is that if the power
goes off it dosent work. They only do the things they
are programmed to do. Control System What is a Computer Control?
A computer control, like any system is made up of three parts: MEASUREMENT & CONTROL Input devices are called sensors,
they feed data into the computer The computer then processes the input data (by
following instructions). Input Process Output Sensors measure physical properties like: Water-level As a result of the processing, the computer can turn on or off output devices called actuators.
( devices controlled by a computer, that can affect the real-world). Sensors Sensors send signals to the processor. A security alarm system: In a washing machine In Traffic Lights In Burglar Alarms Measurement and Control work together Measurement
In an air conditioning In Programmable Microwave Ovens Computers are used to control many types of devices for example robots. Logo The computers controlling the robots must be programmed with instructions to tell them what to do. Where do we find control systems? The programs are written in computer languages. Logo is one such language. System flowcharts are a way of displaying how data flows System flowcharts Characteristics In a system and how decisions are made to control events. Temperature Light Pressure Humidity Movement Light / dark Hot/Cold How full / empty a container is Movement nearby Pressure
e.g. someone standing on it Temperature sensors : Infrared sensor Sends a signal when the beam is broken Temperature sensors Control the heating in a large building. Examples: Why Use Computers to Control Things? It is often far better to have a system that is managed and controlled by a computer rather than human because: Computers never need breaks they can control a system without stopping, all day Computers don’t need to be paid They respond to changes far more quickly than a human could Computers can control systems more accurately Data logging systems Is the collection of data over a period of time Is something often used in scientific experiments Sensors have an important role in the data logging process The sensors send signals to an interface box, which is linked to a computer. The interface box converts analogue signals to digital signals that the computer can understand 1.A temperature sensor is placed in the liquid.
2.The sensor is connected to an interface box linked to the computer.
3.The data logging software is set to take readings every 30 seconds for 25 minutes THE END
Sofi B, Sofi C &
Sofi R
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