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Digital Marketing

A very brief introduction into all things to do with digital marketing

Troy Prenter

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Digital Marketing

Campaign Target Market / Tools The Campaign The Company - Who are you creating the Campaign for
The Aims & Objectives - What you want to achieve
The Strategy & Tactics - Target Market/Tools
Actions & Control - Who will need to work on the campaign will you need outside help? Will the campaign require financial assistance?
Evaluation/Measuring Success - How will you know it has worked? Smart Phones Social Media Trending topics
# tags
Saved Search
Brand Exposure
Viral capability
Integration with your website Customer Communication
Interaction with brand
Promotions / competition
Customer service
Branded page
Facebook Advertising Customer Communication
Entertain, inform and engage with customers
Dynamic content, adds depth to website content
Brand Exposure
Build your channel and promote your offering
Search Engine Optimisation
High page ranks and linking opportunity back to your website Measuring Success
Sprout Social
Facebook Insights
Google Alerts
Google Analytics The Companys To Save? To Sell? To Speak? To Sizzle? To Serve? Target Audience Email Marketing Actions & Control Website Augmented Reality QR Codes Augmented Reality using Blippar http://magazine.shortlist.com/1B5098d13b911ea012.cde
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