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InDesign Vs Ms.Word/Publisher

No description

Tahera Aktar

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of InDesign Vs Ms.Word/Publisher

InDesign Vs MS.Word/Publisher
Word is not a page layout program, so it’s more difficult and time consuming to get graphics to stay put on a page, wrap text around them, and control them.
Word also does not know recognise CMYK or PANTONE spot PMS ink colors, only RGB.
Word files are difficult to color separate, if at all, and color photos will be less than satisfactory.
Multi-column layouts are a nightmare. It’s sometimes so difficult to get the text to flow where you want it to go. And it still does not stay put.
Word is good for letters, memos, reports, short newsletters, and the like. It’s just not powerful enough to use for graphics.
Publisher is an office-based solution, like Word and Excel.
Publisher would convert all graphics into its own internal graphics format, which is great for ink-jet printers but not suitable for high-end output graphics.
It is far from being an industry standard
Publisher is ultimately a lot more limited in what it can do than InDesign.
Templates are limited, and content needs to restricted in order to stay within the page layout .
InDesign is a page layout application in which graphics (created elsewhere) and text are combined to create layouts and prepare them for printing.
Photo retouch and type manipulation are still better done in InDesign.
Can also publish content suitable for tablet devices in conjunction with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.
It has very powerful text tools and style sheets to make a lot of typesetting operations a lot easier.
Multipage documents, such as books and magazines, as well as newspapers and catalogues can be quickly laid out, as this application was, specifically designed to do.
Has more options are available than Word/Publisher which makes it effective.
Downside - Expensive; price range varies £329.95 +
Tahera Aktar
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