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Flowers for Algernon: Sub-plots & Parallel Episodes

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Cheryl Scharn

on 27 April 2018

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Transcript of Flowers for Algernon: Sub-plots & Parallel Episodes

Universal Stories
Flowers for Algernon: Parallel Episodes
Parallel episodes are similar events where the author is comparing two events in the story.
Charlie races Algernon
Charlie loses the “amazes”
Charlie wins the last race = shift (or change) in parallel episode
Charlie & Algernon
Charlie becomes drunk; co-workers laugh and play jokes on him

Charlie is tricked into drinking; realizes his co-workers are not friends

Charlie Parties with co-workers
At the beginning Charlie thinks they are really smart and know how to help him.

After the surgery, Charlie begins to doubt their intelligence and motives for doing the surgery
Charlie &
the Doctors
Parallel episodes appear multiple times in a story, usually to show a change, or shift, in a character or situation after time has passed.
The Three Little Pigs
Three pigs construct three different houses.
The wolf visits three different houses.
The wolf attempts to blow down three different houses.
A minor plot that relates
in some way to the major

There are four
subplots in "Flowers for Algernon."
One is Charlie and Algernon
Name the other three.

Charlie & Ms. Kinnian
Charlie & his doctors
Charlie & his co-workers and/or friends

Within each subplot is the potential for a parallel episode…

Prior to surgery - thinks they’re fun, but becomes frustrated when he can’t find the hidden pictures

Post-surgery - Charlie imagines bats tugging and sword fighting.

"Raw shok"
What Parallel Episode did we read about in Progress Report 12?
Charlie is laughed at and humiliated by his co-workers

The boy at the diner is laughed at and humiliated by his boss and the customers

Charlie and the boy at the diner
Parallel episodes DO NOT have to be identical; the outcomes can differ.
Goldilocks and
the Three Bears
The porridge
The chairs
The beds
Choose one parallel episode from the story and explain the author's purpose for including it in the story.
Your Turn
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