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A Meeting with the Education Secretariat

USAID and iMMAP supporting the Government of Sindh's goal to increase and sustain student enrollment.

Patrick Fitzgerald

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of A Meeting with the Education Secretariat

Pakistan Sbep Features Making it happen Benefits Mapping a better future the supports the Government of Sindh's goal to increase & sustain student enrollment in primary, middle & secondary schools in seven districts of northern Sindh & the city of Karachi. Sindh Basic Education Program iMMAP iMMAP is providing support to the target districts in northern Sindh 5 towns in Karachi. Basic Education Program Sindh & mapping... by surveying to date... on going target districts within Sindh have been surveyed towns of Karachi have been surveyed

over concise reports have been completed providing recommendations for school consolidation, merger & reconstruction based on comprehensive GIS analysis 7 4 32 POINT(68.532117 27.554896) Data Entry QC/QA Data Quality Control & Quality Assurance Reports for Data entry for Jacobabad & the remaining towns within Karachi ongoing... (15 January 2013) is in a format that is accessible and can be used to support Sindh Education policy reform and decision making. Step by step... the education indicators captured during the survey is the Sbep MIS MIS the is a collection of 8 GeoDatabases for the addition, edit & deletion of all government schools surveyed in the target areas of; Khairpur Larkana Sukkur Kamber Shahdadkot Dadu Kashmore Jacobabad Karachi the GeoDatabases of the Sbep MIS are coupled with the Sbep MIS interface providing a summary of key making data accessible to support policy decision making Sbep MIS key to access education indicators training & capacity building are critical to ensure the skills and experience required to manage the Sbep MIS are successfully transferred to the Department of Education lets now have a look at the Sbep MIS... Sbep MIS the initial load provides an easy to use map based interface with summary information on key education indicators for the (8 target areas within the) province of Sindh. enrollment is the initial key indicator, displaying registered vs. actual students other key indicator summaries are available from the "Indicator" menu... Schools Administration Infrastructure DRR key indicator summaries for each district and district taluka can be viewed via selection from the "District" menu Larkana when selecting a district or when mousing over a feature on the map, the summary information is updated. the talukas of the selected district are also available from the "Taluka" menu upon district selection the map zooms to the district of interest & displays the district talukas on the map, drilling down into the information the "Summary/Table" toggle will open the data table Larkana Query Builder the query builder enables any user the ability to find specific information on any school using any combination of school indicators including... student enrollment female enrollment in Dokri taluka female students enrolled @ GGPS Rahamatullah Chang 31% 15 teachers GBPS Mashooq Ali Khokhar teachers 2 84 providing education to building condition GBHS Gul Mohammad Bijrani condition fair 51% of schools in Larkana are in condition poor School Catchment attractive & simple to use key education indicator based GIS interface ability to view education indicator summaries at Sindh, District and Taluka levels comprehensive data table including intuitive Query Builder to enable any user to find specific information about a single school or a group of schools & place it on the map Query Builder data export in PDF & Excel formats identify feature displaying key attributes, photos & engineering drawings of any school school catchment analysis at the users request to display surrounding schools within 100m, 500m, 1 km & 1.5 km 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. School Attributes any school attributes or indicators including (but not limited to); Semis Code School Name Survey Date School Type School Gender District Tehsil Union Council Village Flood Affected SMC Functional Ghost School School Merged Organization Supported USAID Supported Compound Size Classroom Size Land Surrounding Travel Time Building Damage Building Condition Near River Hazard Prone Industrial Pollution Registration Student Population Trained Teachers Support Staff Class 1 Males Class 12 Females Total Students Class 10 Males Class 5 Females Female Teachers students Class 6 Female Registered Un-trained Male Teachers Class 4 Actual Total Students Merge Candidate Plot Size what is required? the following points outline the training & capacity building program that has been prepared by iMMAP in close consultation with RSU & SEMIS Unit that requires implementation, as follows; now... the management of the Sbep MIS is the role of iMMAP, providing analysis & reporting at the request of USAID & Department of Education.
iMMAP seek to transition Sbep analysis & reporting capabilities to the Department of Education. the objective is to establish the human resources & support infrastructure required within the Department of Education to perform the Sbep management, reporting & analysis tasks. national officer with technical background hired who is deemed a suitable candidate to be absorbed by the Department of Education as Sbep technical focal point upon successful training completion, platform & server administration training to maintain the collection of Sbep systems, data capture systems training to support the maintenance of the 8 data capture systems implemented for the Sbep survey including the establishment of data capture systems for any future surveys, GeoDatabase administration & development to manage the 8 GeoDatabases developed & implemented for Sbep, GeoData preparation to provide access to school assessment indicators for technical analysis & reporting, Sbep MIS development to manage & extend the Sbep MIS interface for information access supporting policy decision making, &; 1 2 3 4 5 6 Consolidation Candidate Water Access Electricity Connection for this cartographic tile map service (and many more) visit http://mapbox.com/tilemill/ this prezi has been prepared with thanks to USAID & the Government of Sindh Department of Education for more details on this prezi please contact Patrick Fitzgerald pfitzgerald@immap.org Today we will... Recap on the Sindh Basic Education Program
Review where we are now
Look at what we need to do next access to the latest education indicators key development of education department staff highly skilled reporting and technical focal point for Sbep decision support system to assist Sindh education policy GIS analysis & map production (national GIS component). 7 education department capacity education indicators Sbep reporting policy support to the long term sustainability of the education system in Sindh comprehensive tool for the future planning of Sindh future planning are now a key focus of iMMAP to ensure the vast amount of data captured in the target areas... Bin Qasim Town
Gadap Town
Keamari Town
Lyari Town
Orangi Town Dadu District
Jacobabad District
Kamber-Shahdadkot District
Kashmore District
Khairpur District
Larkana District
Sukkur District including... that display the selected "District" or District "Taluka" key indicator summaries & & Management Information System 7
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