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The Extended Essay - Introduction Conclusion and Abstract

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Deborah Kelly

on 1 May 2018

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Transcript of The Extended Essay - Introduction Conclusion and Abstract

The Extended Essay
The Introduction,
Conclusion and

Tips on Writing:
The Introduction
Why the topic is important, interesting and worthy of study in the subject.
Why the question is significant to the subject field of study. (Why would someone within the field care about your research?)
Some background information and an attempt to place the paper in appropriate context.
A clearly and precisely stated research question. (BOLD the research question).
A clear statement of the thesis and argument. This is the game plan - explain how you intend to answer the RQ - how you propose to proceed in the body.
The Conclusion
Restate the RQ.
Clearly state what the conclusion is.
It must be consistent with the argument and evidence presented in the essay.
Includes limitations and any new or unresolved questions that arose during the research (if appropriate).
The Abstract
What is an abstract?
According to the Oxford Dictionary an abstract is a summary of the content.

Any reader should be able to read your abstract and know exactly what your essay is about.

It must make sense by itself. IE be a self-contained, stand alone description of your research.
What are the IB Criteria?
The abstract should not exceed 300 words.

The abstract should state clearly:
the research question being investigated
the scope of the investigation
the conclusion(s) of the extended essay
3 elements!
How is it assessed?
No abstract or abstract is over 300 words or one of more of the 3 elements are missing

All 3 elements included by not clearly stated

3 elements
included and
clearly stated
Where does the abstract go?
immediately after
the title page.
5 tips for writing an abstract
Write it last.

Re-read your essay looking specifically for
3 elements
What issue/
does your essay consider. (Why might be considered here too).
of your research - how you went about your research and the extent of the work.
, recommendations and implications did you made.
Summarize and write a separate paragraph for each of the
three elements.

Paragraph 1 - Research Question
Paragraph 2 - Scope
Paragraph 3 - Conclusion
Write in the third person...

This essay examines to what extent...

The research question being investigated was...

The objective of this essay is...

Rather than...

In my essay i answered the question
Make sure your abstract is...

Reflects the purpose and content of your study with no new information added.

Make every word count; be brief but get the maximum information in that you can.

Write clearly using effective language - remember it is the first impression a reader will get of your work.
Source: As advised by Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association (6th ed., p 25-27).
How to write an excellent Extended Essay Abstract
(with examples)
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