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The Virtual Classroom

Creating free education for all

Liza Nel

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of The Virtual Classroom

Providing ALL students the best possible opportunities
to achieve the best possible results The Virtual Classroom What's the characteristics of
a successful education system? The most successful schools are the ones where students excel regardless of where they come from Introduction of the site Technology Further Consideration Resources Disadvantaged students can achieve some of the highest scores if given the same resources and high quality education Should teachers be paid more? Should classes generally be larger? Or smaller? Should individual schools get to decide what their teachers teach? They want to go to university too Given the opportunity and support to excel... All children have the potential to do so There is a mistaken belief
that not everyone can learn
the same things. not all school systems can afford to do so teachers resort to either drilling the same material year after year or just sending them to afterschool tutors. I don't understand!!! 30 million more words! Advantaged families are exposed to more
words than their less advantaged peers I don't like reading... Regardless of their own background, students who attend school with a largely disadvantaged student population tend to do worse than students who attend school with relatively advantaged peers. BUT WHY? Lots and lots of teachers I can do it
by myself I need help! Wix.com Pages Sustainability Single lesson based? Structured course? Philosophy How can we make technology alive? Is live teaching always effective in classrooms? How can we make learning and education come alive? Active Interest Real transformation and the moments of greatness: how do we balance them?
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