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Word Doodles #2

No description

Meredith Dorsey

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Word Doodles #2

Word Doodles
hot under the collar
all around the town
hand me downs
banana split
side burns
all ears
once upon a time
rock around the clock
lone ranger
blood is thicker than water
double cross
big shot
break up
row boat
eggs over easy
two left feet
year round
lost cause
outer space
The Empire Strikes Back
think outside the box
foot in the door
going for gold
ending on a high note
You are out of your mind
left for dead
all mixed up
beg to differ
grand canyon
laughing gas
jump for joy
missing link
live for today
life in the fast lane
well informed
low profile
seeing double
short and to the point
couch potato
burst into tears
square meal
fish and chips
split decision
mind over matter
top notch
fancy pants
the plot thickens
no excuse
too good to be true
walk on the wild side
three blind mice
tea for two
count dracula
over my dead body
calculated risk
one step forward, two steps back
act out of character
face to face
side effects
upside down
in the middle of nowhere
breaking point
traveling overseas
both feet on the ground
cut short
leap year
ball is in your court
to and fro
ice hockey
fortune teller
you're under arrest
look both ways before you cross the road
first lady
it's a small world after all
ice cube
robin hood
safety in numbers
see eye to eye
singing in the rain
the odds are overwhelming
up for grabs
up to no good
adding insult to injury
the beginning of the end
E Equals MC Squared
head and shoulders above the rest
a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind
rock around the clock
scrambled eggs
small talk
close quarters
space invaders
turn the other cheek
a cut above the rest
forgive and forget
head in the sand
just under the wire
last but not least
more often than not
too funny for words
commercial break
high heels
through thick and thin
rub salt in the wound
highly likely
midlife crisis
look me in the eyes
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
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