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Jimmy Carter

prezi on jimmy carter

Jonathan Fitzgerald

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Jimmy Carter

Presidential Profile Name:James Earl Carter Jr. Born: October, 1 1924 Hometown: Plains, GA Religion: Baptist Wife: Rossalynn Smith Kids: Jack, James, Donnel, Amy Education: Georgia State University Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta US Naval Academy Party: Democrat VP: Walter Mondale Age when entered office: 52 Other Offices Held: -76th Governor of GA -Georgia Senate 14th District Death: n/a Bank on It $$$$$ -The econony, when Carter entered office was in a recession -During the Carter administration the economy saw a steady period of growth then a very sudden, dramatic, fall. Two very distinct eomomic states during Carter's term 1977-78: Positives -Unemployment at 9%
-Recoveryufrom the Economic
Crisis of 1973-76
-9 million new jobs created 1979-81 -1979 Energy Crisis (sudden shortage
of fuel due to Iranian Revolution)
- Large amounts of Inflation
-High interest rates Happenings: National 1976
-Indian Healthcare Improvement Act passed
-Boosted the standards of living for Indians previously without healthcare
-Socially improved Carter's standing with Native Americans Happenings International -1979
-American Embassy taken over in Iran by
radicals during the Iranian Revolution
-Caused oil prices to skyrocket due to a
sudden supreme shortage
-Caused a serious uproar and call for action by most citizens, Carter refused
-Lack of fuel caused much competition for what fuel remained Supreme Court Decisions Wolman v. Walter Religious Freedom:
-Ohio tried to provide
educational materials
to private schools.
The private schools
sued saying these
donations were an
infringement of
religious freedom.
-Court found that
Ohio couldn't
donate matrials
without school's
consent. Ingrahm v. Wright Cruel & Unusual Punishment
-Ingrahm was punished with
a paddle at school and suffered
a serious injury. His parents
sued saying punishment was
uncalled for.
-Court found that the 8th
Amendment only applied to
criminals. Rhetoric Malaise Speech (July15, 1979) -Speech in response to the 1979 Energy Crisis
-In response to the Energy Crisis of 17979
-Frustration with the lack of productivity of America
-Felt Americans weren't listening to his suggestions about
handling the crisis and blaming him Greatness Presidency: -Statistically, Carter's presidency was mediocre at best,
he left the country in the virtually the same ecomonic state as when he entered.
-The economy didn't fluctuate much (Save the 1979 energy crisis) due to the fact that Carter's primary focus was foreign affairs.
-Carter was a constant human rights activist who orchestrated a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel following the signing of the Camp David Accords. He won the Nobel peace prize for these and his "untiring" effort to solve problems peacefully.
-Carter was an average president, but a great person. Family Born: James Earl Carter Jr, October 1, 1924
Mother: RN
Father: Peanut Farmer and Businessman
Early Life -Educated in Plains public schools.
-Moved to the town of Archery at age 4
(so rural horses and wagons were still common)
-Favorite choldhood pastime was talking about
politics and baseball with his father
-Two closest childhood friends were black, despite
going to all-white schools
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