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Eric Evans case study

No description

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Eric Evans case study

Eric Evans Case Study
Eric Evans case study
Leadership and Management
Personality and Perception
Conflict and Communication
Employment and Psychological Contract
Recruitment and Selection

Leadership and Management
Leadership - "a process where a certain individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal" (Northouse, 2007)

Management - procedure to ensure the success of the vision the leader creates and communicates to a group of individuals (Bennis)

Eric displays an consultative type of leadership

Mostly a laissez-faire leader (Lewin, 1939) and its disadvantages

Ohio State Studies - combination of consideration and initiating structure

Perception - when someone makes an informal assessment of another person

Personality as key factor in affecting perception

Perception as an issue and its consequences

How can they overcome this?

Personality - “the relatively enduring combination of traits which make an individual unique and at the same time produce consistencies in their thoughts and behavior”. (Fincham & Rhodes, 2005, p. 95)

Conflict and Communication
This strategy fundamentally involves giving the opposing side what it wants.

The objective of collaborating would be to find a workable creative solution that everyone can agree on.

This strategy mostly works when both parties involved hold approximately a similar or equivalent power base within an organisation.

Synergy fixes the lack of cohesion between departments with an organisation.

Conflict - collision of interests, values, actions, views or directions.

Communication - the transmission of messages from the sender to the receiver followed by a feedback to the sender.

Ability to plan ahead e.g. annual leave.

Ideological differences to that of Eric when it comes to job performance.

Communicational mixed signals between management and lower level employees
Psychological contract
High staff turnover - huge issue (3 out of 5 engineers quitting in the previous 2 years)

Selection process - are they selecting the right people for that particular job position?

Difficulty in replacing employees to replace employees that have left the company due to them being dissatisfied with the company
Recruitment and Selection
Possible Solutions
Find out the main cause of high turnover
exit interviews to gain more information about how they feel about their experience working for the company

Change recruitment method, e.g. internal recruitment (although this may cause other interdepartmental problems between employees)
Nisha, Jobie, Doyin & Shalati
A combination of transactional and transformational approach (Bass, 1985)

Stricter regime on organisation in department
Personality and Perception

(Kirchoff and Adams, 1982, Turner and Weed, 1983, Robbins, 2009)

Psychological contracts - what an individual expects to give to and receive from an organisation (French et al. 2011, p.22)

Expectations from the organisation can include:
Respect authority of management
Maintain harmonious relationships with work colleagues

Expectations from the individual can include:
Consult fully with staff
Understand and be considerate towards personal problems of staff

Certain expectations not received from ABC Ltd, such as understanding and consideration of personal problems of staff

Informal day to day interactions

Stress - a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize

Lack of communication between the management and employees.

Stress Scale model
main cause for illness and sick leave (Holmes and Rahe)

Stress as the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demands people place on them (Health and Safety Executive UK)

Salespeople make rash promises
no communication between departments

Creating shift timetables
Manage work times instead of being called at 3am from clients

Flexible working hours

Zero hours contract, possibly for new recruits

Family friendly workspace for those with family problems

Direct line of communication between sales team and service department
Social meetings
Not specifically related to the work, but just a way to get to know employees better.

Personality Quizzes
This may be easier for Eric to easily relate to his team without causing any conflict and disagreements.
Eric Evans is the service and maintenance department manager who is experiencing some difficulties in his division in ABC Ltd. ABC Ltd is a company that manufactures air conditioning systems and sells them worldwide.

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Leadership and Performance Beyond Expectations
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In conclusion, ABC Ltd. needs to do more listening and reduce sending out mixed signals by implementing effective communication channels between management and lower level employees. They should also adequately train and hire enough qualified staff to cover the work load.
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