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Mulan & Confucianism

No description

Brandy Burley

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Mulan & Confucianism

BY: Brandy Burley
Summer 2013

~Mulan is a Disney movie that debuted in 1998.

~ The movie is set in China at the time of the Hun invasion. Mulan, already somewhat tomboy-ish, takes on the task of going to war in place of her elderly and injured father by disguising herself as a man.

Summary Cont
Mulan, with the help of Mushu (a small chinese dragon sent by her ancestors to protect and help her), proves herself as a female warrior and finally brings honor to her family.
Happy Ending
Confucianism in
Throughout the movie there are several places where Confucian beliefs, ideas, and concepts can be seen.
This makes the movie more realistic since it is set in China and Confucianism is majorly Chinese.
Ancestors are very important in the Confucian religion, and they are very prominent in Mulan. Each home has a temple devoted to that family's ancestors and they are prayed to often. They are also thought to protect the family.
The 5 Relationships
-Ruler to ruled
-Father to son
-Husband to wife
-Elder brother to younger brother
-Friend to friend

Examples of these are also seen in Mulan.
Ruler to Ruled
Husband to Wife
This clip is an example of how women are taught to be perfect wives and obedient.
Honor is also big in Confucianism, as already seen in some of the clips. It is a great deal to bring honor to your ruler, your family, and your society.
The whole movie itself is an example of Confucianism with several examples of the teachings of Confucius. This makes the movie much more realistic and interesting.
The End
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