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Light it up

a store about the 1775 war

jose ventura

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Light it up

My Brother Sam is dead This Story is about 2 brothers and the meeker family the brother who one of the is the oldest and he is going to fight in the war of Loyalist v.s patriots Sam's dad kicks him out of the house than Sam stoles his dads gun called the brown Bess. Sam goes hiding at tom warrups house for a while. Besty read is Sam's girlfriend she will do anything so no one can found him Sam's family don't want to talk about him for leaving home for good. Tim don't made his mind up about which said he will take he don't care if Sam was with the Patriots Tom made Tim promise not to tell life about Sam coming back. Tim what to know when he was coming Tim thought he would come soon and then weeks past. Tim know that Betsy knew when Sam was coming she was nodding her head Tim knew Sam was back Ch5
Many tales about the war many wounded man st battle of Lexington injured and kill.
Mr heron told Tim's dad he had a job for Tim to dliver business letters to fair flied. Tim's dad says who really Mr. heron is. Tim wants to go to fair flied to see Sam. Tim sees Jerry and tells him were are you going Jerry says he's going to fair flied. Tim tells him if he can go with him Jerry says yes. Tim goes and tells his dad if he can go with Jerry fishing his dad says yes go. Tim was now in fair flied and he had an exaces to see Sam. In the beginning Sam's decisions were to come back home He decides to droppe out of Yale for good. The reason was to join the patriots in the Revolution war. Sam as a brother named Tim he is the youngest 14 years old in the beginning. He's relationships with Tim is good and they talk about everything Tim desires to be like Sam and he looks up to Sam. Sam and his dad they call him life they fight about the war his dad does not like it for Sam to fight in the war. Ch7
The summer of 1776 came and went
Tim tried to keep away form Mr. heron. The war went on it didn't seem to have much to do with Tim most of the time. Sam send letters to Tim but Tim don't get them life get them and don't care what Sam say in the letter. life and Tim's mom argued about the letters all the time. Tim don't like them argued about it. Life was planing to do his trip to Verplancks Point, in October life and Tim start to go it would take 3 days to go and 3 days to back home. life and Tim spend the night with life's friends and Tim never met them before. The cowboys come and saw life and Tim walking and one of the cowboys told life what's you name and life say what's your business is it the cowboy say it's Government
business. the cowboy told them to answer or he will hang them both
then the cowboy hit life with the pistol,life dropped down among the cowboys the cowboys left lifeon the ground. life had a bad cut on his head which was still bleeding and another smaller one over his eye
his eye was swollen and it was black and blue
the men come and help life up the grlound and Tim came running with Life. The men washed the cut on father's head with water.
The men told father and Tim he can escort to take them along the way and crossed over New York. Tim say here was just like bein at home. Ch8
My north SALEM cousins lived in a Clapboard framhouse just off the ridgefield road Tim had 6 cousins and Mr. Platt a tall men and tin
Tim and Life got there after dark there cousins
give Life and Tim food. they crowded in to the kitchen to talk with Tim and Life about how every thing was going with the family. The next day Tim and life were leaving form north Salem to Peekskill. The sun was going down and Tim and Life slept that night in the tavern. Tim thought about the cow boys may be waiting for them to come back again. Tim and Life don't stop they were going in the snow and it was cold for Tim and life it being to get dark life told Tim that they take a chance on going bake by Ridgebury . Life and Tim stay at there other cousins home for the night. Tim ask life if the cowboys will be there to hurt him and life for escaping to get even. Tim and life went to there cousins house for the night to be warm and in the morning they have a good start to go and Tim was happy to be warm and safe with his cousins that night. Ch7 Ch 10
Tim fell strange without Life begin there the tavern seemed cold and empty. Tim Mother don't cry except right when Tim told her of what happen that night when he get home.. Tim and susannah believe that Life was hold by the cowboys some were. Tim don't worried about it the business was good but food was in short supply and Tim was worried about that. Tim and mother spent a lot of time trying to get letters to Sam and talking to Colonel Read about Sam.It got to be the spring of 1777Tim work and work all day Tim hear a thunder noise Captain betts turned back and saw Ned Samuel Smith's Negro shouted the British troops are come. Tim saw the british troops they were a lot of them coming there aren't enough Patriots to hold the British for long. Tim run to the house and told her mother the british were here Most of the people in the village were standing in there yards. Tim hoped that the officers were going to come to the tavern but they went to Mr. Heron's house. Tim was hidden behind the stone wall the Rebels firing back at the Redcoats and start shooting at the British troops. Suddenly and officer shouted an order to the British to rise there bayonets and said kill them Tim saw Ned have a sword in to his stomach the officer was quick and jerked it free.
Tim and Mr. Hobart's saw the british set the house on fire. Tim didn't feel much like being a Tory anymore. Ch 9
when Tim work up in the
morning Life was going without
Tim. Life was going to ride a mile or two and then rid back to see how Tim was doing. Life told Tim
if he saw cowboys to run to the
nearest of woods. Tim only trouble was there weren't any woods close to the road. Tim was alone walking with all the things they had life will come back and see Tim and then Tim will be on his own for a long time. Tim had to found a way to get the wagon home without the cowboys try to get from. Tim come to the place were they captured Life he try to see if he saw cowboys coming for Tim. Tim saw horses and a men told him to pull up the oxen, Tim told the men he though they were going to be more of you Tim said The men know about life ask him about him Tim said he don't know were he was. Judson let Tim go on were he was going. Tim get home by midnight. Ch6
Tim needed to talk to Mr. heron about Sam. Mr. heron comes to the tavern to bye a keg of rum Mr. heron tells Tim that he's just like Sam as brave as he is. Mr. heron tells tim if his dad changed his mind about letting Tim go to fair fled. tim told him he wanted to go to deliver letters to fair fled> Mr. heron told tim to go to his house in the morning to go deliver letters. Tim ask life if he can go with Jerry fishing aging Life said yes go. Tim fell bad about lieing to life about going to fair fled Ch11
The wound men told tim and Dr.Hobart that they were after the munitions stored in Danbury. Tim took a deep breath he was thinking about Sam was with Benedict Arnold's troops. A men was running across the training ground he told Captain beets they let some of them go they kept 3 people one of them was Jerry Sanford. General Wooster was with Private Hodge he was here to took a British ball this afternoon. Tim went to found Sam but he don't know if he was here Tim went to look for Sam. Tim saw Sam walking through the crowd looking around and saw Tim they stared at each other. Sam give Tim a hug and Tim was happy to see Tim again then Tim being to cry and Sam did too. Tim ask Sam if he will come home and if he feel bad about Life being in prison. Tim told mother that he found Sam she start to run to the barn and saw Sam came a litte way out of the shadows they both hug each other. Tim's mother told Sam to come home and never go fight in the war. They were arguing about Sam making a promise to pledge not to quit mom don't like it. Tim told her to stop with it she finally said all right. they give one more hug to each other and Sam left through the rain and Tim was thinking he and mom will may not see him anymore.Tim felt more like his equal.

Ch12 In June of that year 1777 Tim found out that Life was dead. Life had being dead for a mouth. Tim had guessed how he dead in a prison ship in New York. Tim said it wasn't a Rebel ship it was a british one. he dead of cholera on the ship and forty or fifty people dead from it. Ch12
Betsy Read come to the tavern and told Tim that Jeremiad Sanford was dead. Tim don't understand why they took a ten year boy in prison. Betsy was saying to Tim that every person Tim new had dead. Sam being to send letters to Tim and mother the year 1777 ended and 1778 being.Tim thought about going to Yale in after the war ended. On December 3 1778 Sam come home to see Tim mother and Betsy. Sam was there for a long time in tavern he get used to the weather. Tim and Sam hired sounds like someone was in the barn Four of the cows were gone. Tim and Sam run after the guys that were in Tim saw 3 men one of them was Sam he had his arms behind his back Sam shouted go get Colonel Parsons Tim run. Ch13
Tim want to see Colonel Parsons to tell him Sam was arrested as a cattle thief. Tim said Sam don't do it he said he and Sam were chasing the ones who did. Colonel parsons was in bed and said to back morning to see him.
Tim was beginning to get worried at first he had seemed That it wouldn't take much to straighten the mistake out. Colonel Parsons don't care much about Sam if he was guilty or not.Tim told Betsy that Sam was arrested she come and looked scared. Colonel Read told Tim that Sam was going to execute Sam Meeter cattle thief was going to be shot. Tim was nervous and nothing more he try to go see Colonel Parsons to make a plan Parsons can't help Tim told the story about Sam not stealing his own cattle the men told the guardto take him to see Sam. Tim went and Sam face appeared at the holeSam and Tim were talking Tim told Sam not to worried he will get out Tim waved good bye and left. Betsy told Tim that Sam was home Tim was happy. Tim shouted Sam you stole Life's brown Bess Sam don't want Tim to know about the gun. Sam told Tim that he can't fight without a gun Tim told Sam they needed at home. Tim was mad at Sam Tim told Sam please give it back. Betsy Read told Tim if he want Sam dead at the war Tim said no. Sam told Tim to not tell on him on life that Sam had the brown Bess Tim left and said good bye and went home crying. Ch3
Summer of 1775 had being Sam was gone and nobody mentioned him not father and mother or Tim. Tim saw Betsy Read a lot she come in the tavern pretty often to buy tim noticed that linger around on some excuse and try to listen to what people said. Tom Warrups told Tim if Sam come back would you tell Life about it Tim told him he wished he will give back the brown Bess back to life. Tim stopped worrying about Sam He know Sam needed the gun. Ch14
On Saturday, Feb 13, Colonel
read came up form the encampment with the word that General Putnam had refused our plea for clemency. Sunday's church service seemed specially important so everybody could pray for the souls of the men who were going to die on Tuesday. Tim went to the service but mother don't but half an hour Tim stood up and left. Tim told mother he was going to save his brother from getting shot Tim went out to go save Sam from getting shot. Tim walk in the snow and don't bother him he don't feel tired or cold or worried. Finally Tim get to the encampment he saw the guards standing there doing nothing. Tim try to kill one of the guards he was not that alert so Tim try to get in the gates and let the prisoners out. Tim shouted Sam He look at Tim he's face was dead white. than the guard looked at Tim they start to shot him Tim run to the snow for safety. Tim don't see Sam than they brought him out he had sack over his head but first they brought him Edward Jones was upon the platform of the gallows soldier slipped the noose over his head.Three soldiers stepped in front of Sam and raised their muskets Sam turned to the crowd Tim Scream and said not to shot don't shot him. Sam slammed back like he was knocked over by a mallet he hit the ground on his belly he wasn't dead yet the soldiers shot him from close his clothes were on fire he went jerking with flames until another soldier shot him he stopped My brother Sam is dead. Tim start his day going to fair fled and then sees
Besty Read come toward him. Tim ask her if sam was in horseneck Betsy just get news form sam that he was in greenwich. Betsy do'nt want to tell tim Tim said why not becaues you are a Tory. tim told her how do u know im a tory she said mr heron. Tim said he don't tell him about it Betsy told him how come you seen mr heron. Tim try rto walk away form her she saw the letter he carry. Betsy siad is it a letter to spy sam tim said no betsy try to get the letter form tim. Betsy told him it was a spy for not just sma but the commissary officer it was news for the lobsterbaks to kill them all. Betsy tells tim if he wanted sam dead tim awful sick and scared> betsyreads the letter and then she throws it aside tim pick it up and reads it Tim fuild his chance to glory Tim Meeker narrator. Sam Meeker. Life Meeker Dad.
Tom Warrups- hideout. Colonel Read Betsy's grandpa.
Betsy Read. Susanah Meeker, Tim and Sam's mom. Mr. Heron Spy-double cross. Jerry Sanford- Tim friend. Mr. Beach- reverend. General Putnam- Batriot. Colonel Parsons. Characters Ch2 Ch1 Main Ch3 Ch4
Tim needed an excuse to get away on a school day to see Sam. Tim was thinking when the horses make noise he will be gone to go see Sam. Tim don't go see sam before some officer come to the tavern and talked with life? the officers knew that life had a weapon Life don't have said it to the officers. the officers said if don't give us the weapon we will kill you. Tim don't what Life to be killed by not having the brown Bess with him. Tim went to look for Sam to get back the brown Bess to life to not kill him. Tim run to the uphill and down. Tim saw Tom Warrups shack and he saw Sam sleeping with brown Bess under him. Tim try to get it under him and try to run back home with it Sam awoke up and saw Tim taking it outside Sam run after him Tim saw him run after the brown Bess Tim run as fast as he can. Sam caught up to Tim. Tim told Sam if he don't get the gun back to life the officers will kill him Sam told Tim that he needed the gun to fight if he don't he will dead to.
Sam said yes of taking the gun to life Sam and Tim were walking and Sam get Close to the Tavern. Sam sees Life Stand there Sam run with Brown Bess and left like the wind without a word.
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