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Rooftop Garden Prezi

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Room 411

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Rooftop Garden Prezi

A Presentation by Scout, Alex & Charles Queen Victoria Rooftop Garden Introduction The students in Room 411 and 303 have been working together to plan a possible green-roof for Queen Victoria. Butterfly Attracting Plants Milkweed (Blooms June to August)
Swamp Milkweed (Blooms Late June)
Butterfly Weed (Blooms Late Spring)
Tropical Milkweed Educational Benefits There are many educational benefits of having a green-roof - especially educational ones.

Some of the educational benefits include:

Science programs (every grade could benefit from it - the science curriculum for each grade have units that could be enriched by a green roof - such as Growth and Changes in Plants, Soils in the Environment, Biodiversity, Air and Water in the Environment, Needs and Characteristics of Living Things, Daily and Seasonal Changes, etc.)
Teaching kids how to take care of plants The End Thank you for watching! Total Cost Environmental Benefits Prices of the Plants Survey & Survey Results Why Should We Have A Green-Roof? Fundraising There are many environmental benefits of having a green roof, too. Some of the benefits include:

The Green Roof would absorb lots of heat and help control the environment (instead of the roof/wood absorbing/reflecting it)
The plants on the Green Roof (trees, flowers, etc.) would help make the air fresher & cleaner (they "breathe" in carbon dioxide and "breathe" out oxygen, the opposite of humans)
If we grow vegetables, then the cafeteria could have freshly grown veggies to serve - right from our own garden! Plus they would not be genetically engineered AND would not have pesticides on them!
It would be much more beautiful than without a green roof. In just two recesses, Queen Victoria students raised $840.10 by hosting a bake sale.

We think that if we hosted a bake sale to raise money for a green roof, we could raise enough money to continue our green roof project. NO YES 54 3 Do you want a rooftop garden? $429 for all of the soil
Basil - $1.99 each
Rainbow Hybrid Carrots - $4.99 each
Coriander - $1.99 each
Tomatoes - $2.99 each
Oregano - $1.79 to $3.95 each
Parsley - $2.49
Rattlesnake Beans - $1.79 to $2.99 each
Turnips - $1.59 each
Sunflowers - $1.79 to $2.82 each Total Cost of The Whole Green Roof: $1200 to 1282.52 There are so, so many benefits that green roofs have. From educational to environmental benefits, green roofs are amazing.

With only a few disadvantages and a ton more advantages, a green roof for Queen Victoria is the RIGHT way to go!
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