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Parts of the house

No description

Andrea C. Castor

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Parts of the house

dining room
living room
laundry room
There are blue sofás, a carpet, a new CD player, a picture and a lamp. You can listen to music or read a book in the living room.
There is a big wardrobe, a guitar, a racket and a bed. There are some pictures on the wall and balls on the floor. There are two rugs and a colourful duvet on the bed.
There's a bath, a mirror, a toilet and a washbasin. The bathroom is clean and tidy.
The garden is big and there are lots of flowers in it. It's neat and tidy!
There is a washing machine, a laundry basket and a sink. There are some shelves. You can wash and iron your clothes here.
There is a big garage in the house. It's a bit messy!
There is a fridge, a cooker, a table, a chair and a cupboard. There's a clock on the wall and a small rug. There isn´t a microwave or a radio.
There is a table, a window and a shelf. There are three chairs and green curtains. There are some flowers on the shelf. You can have dinner in the dining room.
There is a sofá and a big clock in the hall. In the corridor there is a lamp and a window.

The bedroom is smaller than the bathroom. The hall is the smallest.

The bathroom is messier than the kitchen. The dining is the messiest.

The hall is more comfortable than the kitchen. The living room is the most comfortable.
Let´s compare...
Parts of the House
"Parts of the House" - creado por Andrea C. Castor.
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