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The Geography of The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Five Themes of Geography

Jonathan Flores

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of The Geography of The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Place Movement Region Capital: Kinshasa
Congo free state
Independence day: June 30 (1960)
February 18, 2006 new constitution Physical The five Themes of Geography People Democratic Republic of the Congo Absolute Relative 0.00 N, 25.00 E
Nearest coast line : 37 km
2,344,858 sq km Central Africa, northeast of Angola
West of Rwanda and Burundi
East of Congo Brazzaville
West of Uganda, South of Central African Repulic
Northwest of Zambia Location Average Temperature: 77 F
Coolest Temperature: 63 F
124 mm of rain each month
Dew point: 73 F
Humidity: 100%
Grasslands in North and East, Mountains on East
Tropic rain forest in central and western
Cool temperatures in eastern Mountains and Souther Savanna from (May to September)
High Humidity inRain Forests and warm through the year Human Religion Language Religion Some of the people only eat with the fingers of their right hand
The eldest person in the family s the only one who can distribute the food with both hands
Men shake hands or give three kssed on the check to greet each other
woman usually dont shake a mans hand instead clap their hands three times and slitlely bow
Men have short hair, some young men have well kept dread locks
nearly all women have hair extensions in elaborate brades 50% are Roman Catholic20% are Protestant organizations 80% Christian 10% Kimbanguism 10% Muslim LingalaKikongoTshulube Swahili French (official language) Formal Functional 15.673 million people on cell
42,000 main lines in use
Internet country code. cd
Internet hosts: 2,515
Internet users: 290,000 Vernacular The Plains of central Africa
The flat land of Democratic Republic of Congo
Western Mountains
The green area of Congo HEI: Human Environment Interaction Depend on their environment Depend on the forest for food, medicine, and shelter
60 million rely on the forest one way or another
Mbendjele: are people who live in the forest
Living in the forest mean you are depending on the natural resources Adapt to their environment Have to adapt to the rainforest of the Congo basin: the second largest on Earth
Cycling water resource
Congo basin forests as their home, foods, medicine, and water
Climate adaptation
Developed adaptations after years of living in the forest
All the other tribes living in the forest Modify/Change the environment Logging companies are destroying the forest
The bed of the forest get modified by the people who live in the forest
decades of deforestation
poaching: endangering wildlife populations
mining of minerals Tucks
Boats Goods... Ideas People to people
Television(broadcast media)
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