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Unity Party

No description

Connor Anstis

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Unity Party


We would like a smaller government that will be more involved in national problems than international relations. Although we won’t be abandoning our previous obligations. The party will stay close to the people, but we will believe strongly in individualism. We will work to create a strong economy to help reduce the debt of the United States.
International Relationships
Everyone will be equal under the law. The immigrants that have crossed over and started lives here will be granted citizenship and will be allowed to obtain the same jobs and rights as American citizens.
We would like to increase security along the southern border of the to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country. By doing this more jobs will be created for the people thus boosting the economy.
Unity Party
As states we will create more jobs which gives more money to spend on necessities. We will be lowering the tax rate on people and families that have a annual income that is lower than $300,000.00 a year.

The key to success is being involved and knowing all the events happening in our country and around the world. Our focus is to be more involved in our problems which in time will improve our strategies, thus being strong for other countries. We will help out others when in need and expect the same with our alliances.
Affordable healthcare, government help with immigrants becoming citizens, free public education.
How will we help out the people with taxes?
What are our views on illegal immigration and what will we do with the borders?
Will we be more focused on our own nation, or other nations around the world?
What will the government help with or provide?
What are our views on the immigrants. Who has equal rights under the law?
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