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Technology in the 21st Century Classroom

Jan 2012 DV Cohort

Nancy Sherman

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Technology in the 21st Century Classroom

Deer Valley is Connect-Ed
By: Nancy Sherman Someone who was born after 1980 and possesses 21st century technological skills. They have been surrounded by technology since the time they were born. What are Digital Natives? Digital Natives and Technology They use the internet, iPods, iPads, cell phones,
video games, flip cameras, etc. Digital Natives want information
quickly and prefer getting their information from multimedia resources. Reaching Digital Natives Deer Valley is growing
21st Century Learners We're Connect-Ed! Children have access to iPads, iPods, Nooks.
DV has classrooms that use Twitter, Kidblog, QR Codes, Vokis, and a wealth of educational websites! And now all of us are using Edmodo on eLearning Day! What is eLearning Day? Children don't have to come to school Saturday, Nov. 3rd. The assignments will be posted this Friday, Oct. 26th. Your child has until Monday, Nov. 12th to complete the Edmodo assignments. Teachers will be sending home instructions about eLearning Day assignments. Because of state-mandated changes to our school calendar, Nov 3rd has been designated as an E-learning day for all Hoover students. The children will receive credit for attendance by completing posted assignments in Edmodo. Edmodo is a social media platform that has been called Facebook for schools.
It is so much more than that. Edmodo was created by educators. Teachers and students can collaborate, students can answer polls, take quizzes, complete assignments, post comments, participate in an online book club, etc. What's Edmodo? Teachers create a class group and only those members of that group can comment and see what's being posted.
Teachers have the ability to monitor posts and teach children how to appropriately comment.
Children's profile and posts are protected and can't be seen by anyone on the internet! How safe is Edmodo? Hoover City Schools has a site license.
You have to use Hoover's Edmodo web address to login.
K-2 login with their student 10 digit id #
their password is 123456
3-4 graders login with their 10 digit id #
and they have a special alpha numeric password.
Parents, please don't change your child's Edmodo password. How does my child access Edmodo? Let's Learn More About Edmodo
Read and follow the directions to complete the assignment. Then select "turn in" Answer the assignment question or questions. Last select turn in assignment.
It's very important to use the turn in feature so your child will get credit for completing the assignment.
http://hoovercity.edmodo.com/home How does my child turn in assignments? Edmodo can be accessed via PC or Mac.
You can also use your mobile device with a web browser. (Be sure to use the Hoover City Edmodo link.)
Be aware that any videos that require Flash Player will not run on an Apple Device without downloading one of these apps: Rover or Puffin. If you don't have access at home:

1. Your child's teacher will allow the child to access Edmodo at school.
2. Deer Valley Computer lab will be open after school.
3. Hoover Public Library is another access source. If you have problems with: logging into Edmodo
or questions about the assignments,
please contact your child's teacher.
http://deervalleyelem.al.hce.schoolinsites.com/ Questions and Resources
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