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Mass Media Influences on Sexuality

The Influences of SEXuality in the Media on Adolescent Girls


on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Mass Media Influences on Sexuality

By: Mikalemi Tagab-Cruz
SOC 475 Spring 2013
Due: 04/22/2013 Mass Media Influences
on SEXuality This theory suggests and predict that individuals in society will imitate behaviors of others who are rewarded and not punished for them.

In regards to the Media and Sexuality, individuals "who attend to media content that includes depictions of attractive characters who enjoy having sexual intercourse and rarely suffer any negative consequences will be likely to imitate the behavior (Mass media influences on sexuality, Jane D. Brown)." Cognitive Social
Learning Theory EXPOSURE RISKS 1. Method of Data Collection: SAMPLE SIZE Areas of Improvement 2. Method of Data Collection: Target Population Limitations to this survey study of The Influences of Media Marketing on Adolescent Girls involves a population of only the participants from the Academy of the Canyons.

However, further studies of a bigger and more diverse sample population in order to determine better accuracy for thoughts and opinions of adolescent girls. Further Studies Mass Media Influences on Sexuality PURPOSE ->In Erica Laurén Sanders study on The Influences of Media Marketing on Adolescent Girls focuses on the impact and effects the Media has on the lives of adolescent girls between the ages of 13-19.

->"The mainstream mass media (television, magazines, movies, music, and the Internet) provide increasingly frequent portrayals of sexuality. We still know relatively little about how this content is used and how it affects sexual beliefs and behaviors(Mass media influences on sexuality, Jane D. Brown)."
-->"The mass media are an increasingly accessible way for people to learn about and see sexual behavior. The media may be especially important for young people as they are developing their own sexual beliefs and patterns of behavior, and as parents and schools remain reluctant to discuss sexual topics(Mass media influences on sexuality, Jane D. Brown)." = "Media messages have the potential to significantly undermine the impact of school-based sexual education."

-"An adolescent who watches 3 to 5 hours of television each day witnesses about 2,000 sex acts per year."
-"A typical R-rated film presents 14 to 21 sex acts, most of which are visually explicit."
-"About 75% of concept videos on MTV involved sexual imagery, and about 80% combine sex and violence."

"As people attend to and interpret sexual media content, they also evaluate and may or may not incorporate what they are seeing in their own developing sense of sexuality(Mass media influences on sexuality, Jane D. Brown)." MAIN QUESTIONS of the Influences of Media Marketing on Adolescent Girls survey questionnaire:

1. Are adolescent girls influenced by the media?

2. What influences do celebrities have on adolescent girls? "...sociocultural norms for ideal appearance lead women to base their self-worth more strongly on appearance than on character (The Influence of Media Marketing on Adolescent Girls, Erica Laurén Sanders)." "Damages by a Sex-Obsessed Culture

Sexiness is not only defined by how a person looks but it has infiltrated many different other parts of everyday life. 'Today, American girls are forced to navigate a minefield more challenging, difficult, and pressure-filled than ever before when it comes to one vital topic: sex [Liebau, 2007, pg. 3].'
1.'Lyrics to popular music contain unspeakably coarse and often derogatory references to sex in general, and to women in particular and young girls sing along without a second thought [Liebau, 2007, p. 3].'
2. Pornography has become more socially accepted and often pops up, unbidden, on the Internet [Liebau, 2007, p. 4]. Stores such as Victoria’s Secret and restaurants like Hooters capitalize on an implicit message that being sexy at all times is a female imperative [Liebau, 2007, p. 4].
(The Influences of Media Marketing on Adolescent Girls, Erica Laurén Sanders)." "The survey instrument was distributed to female students who attend the Academy of the Canyons located in Santa Clarita, California. They received the instrument in person and returned the survey through the head teacher, Ms. Daren Hoisington.
The data collected from the twenty-five subjects (Table 1) are discussed in subsequent sections, commencing with the reporting of the demographic findings. Participants were asked to list age to determine at what stage of adolescence they were. The survey indicated the results as follows: Age 19- 1, Age 18- 5, Age 17- 13, Age 16- 6 (The Influence)." I believe that the method of data collection, pertaining to the sample size of the study could be improved primarily because... Areas of Improvement Cont. "The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of media marketing on adolescent girls from the ages of 13-19.The survey instrument was distributed to students who were enrolled at the Academy of the Canyons located in Santa Clarita, California, during the spring of 2007 (The Influences of Media Marketing on Adolescent Girls)." Potentail participants should be considered in not only different locations, but different school systems as well (i.e. Home School, Private School, Public School, etc.).

"Before beginning the recruitment process, it is critical that the essential inclusion and exclusion criteria are decided for the study population (Challenges in recruitment of research participants; Maxine X. Patel, Victor Doku and Lakshika Tennakoon)." "Before a study is designed, it is important (if not mandatory) to calculate the sample size necessary to show a clinically important result. A sample size too small to detect differences could lead to studies which are unethical or wasteful. Furthermore, it can produce misleading results(Challenges in recruitment of research participants; Maxine X. Patel, Victor Doku and Lakshika Tennakoon)."

"The generalisability of the research findings is dependent on the group that is targeted. If conclusions are to be generalise to the whole country, participants should ideally be drawn from different centres (urban and rural) across the whole geographical area.(Challenges in recruitment of research participants; Maxine X. Patel, Victor Doku and Lakshika Tennakoon)." VS VS I believe the method of data collection pertaining to the target population of the survey study could be improved because... I believe this survey study of the mass media influences on sexuality can especially be improved if it entails positive and negative features, as well as surveying females between the ages of 10-25. References

1. Jane D. Brown (2002): Mass media influences on sexuality, Journal of Sex Research, 39:1, 42-45. http://www.tandfonline.com.eres.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/doi/pdf/10.1080/00224490209552118

2. Patel, Maxine X, Doku, Victor & Tennakoon, Lakshika. Challenges in recruitment of research participants. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment (2003). http://apt.rcpsych.org/content/9/3/229.full

3. Sanders, Erica Lauren.The Influence of Media Marketing on Adolescent Girls. (March 19 &21, 2008).URC. http://www.kon.org/urc/v8/sanders.html & VS Picture found on 17 year
old Facebook user
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