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For Military Spouse eMentor Program Proteges

No description

Catherine Gillies

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of For Military Spouse eMentor Program Proteges

A Protege's Simple Steps for
Getting Started with
Military Spouse eMentor

Joining the Program
One of the first things you'll want to do is review the program's protege expectations. These can be found on the home page of the Military Spouse eMentor site before you log in.
Completing Your Profile
Certain profile items are mandatory because they help us make mentoring matches. Don't leave mandatory items blank. They should be marked with an "N/A" if they don't apply. Other items not marked as mandatory can be completed at your leisure. You do not have to have a 100% completed profile to participate in mentoring.
Goal Achievement!
Congratulations! One you've achieved your goals, feel free to set new challenging goals, end your mentoring relationship by asking Admin to close it out, or help others by becoming a mentor. To become a mentor, just send a request to Admin and we'll add the new role to your profile.
Finding a Mentor
You have several options for finding a great mentor. Locate the "Quick Links" section on the right side of your screen. If you click on "Find a mentor," the program will use a pre-set formula to match your profile with our mentors. You can search for your own mentors by clicking on the "Mentors" tab at the top of your profile. You can then use the search engine on the right to help you find a great match. A third option is to click on "Contact Admin" and send us a message with the background and experiences you'd like your mentor to have. We're happy to help!
Contacting Admin
If you need assistance with anything in the eMentor site, or if you would like a site tour, contact a program Admin by clicking on "Contact Admin."
Using Your Mentoring Area
Once your mentor has agreed to mentor you, and has accepted your mentoring invitation in the program, you will have a private mentoring area that you can access from your profile. Locate a link that says, "My Mentor" on the right side of your screen. Click on the area where your name and your mentor's name are listed and you'll be taken your private mentoring area where the two of you can work on your mentoring goals and even exchange documents.
Posting in the Discussion Forums
If you would like to see what's going on in the site's discussion forums, click on the "Forums" tab near the top of your screen. A dropdown menu shows you the forum topics. If you would like to start a different topic that might be helpful for other program members, click on "Contact Admin" to ask us to set one up for you. Select a forum that interests you by clicking on its name. You can view each topic by clicking on the title at the top. You may add to each topic by clicking "reply" at the bottom, or you can create your own topic by clicking on the "new topic" button. Click on "join forum" to get email notification of any other posts in this forum.
How to Use the Q&A Area
Have a question? Have advice for someone who recently asked a question on the site? To find the Q&A area, click on the "Advice" tab near the top of your screen, and select "Questions & Answers." Feel free to post a question there, or to help other members by responding to others' questions.
All About Our "Articles"
Have some expertise that might be helpful to other members, or have you encountered some great resources that you'd like to share? Under the "Advice" tab is a section called "Articles." Feel free to review this area for helpful information shared by others, or add to the program's knowledge base by writing an article or sharing one you've read recently.
How to be a Great Protege
+ Stay in touch!
+ Help your mentor get to know you
+ Set goals
+ Follow through with activities recommended by your mentor
+ Drive the relationship!
+ Stay in touch!
+ Check out the protege handbook located in your "Quick Links" section on the right side of your screen
+ Stay in touch!
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