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Visit Peak District & Derbyshire

Social Media integration

Araam Tehrani

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Visit Peak District & Derbyshire

How Visit Peak District’s Social Media
work can help you Website content
Social Media
Destination Photography Partnership (DPP)
Creative production Araam Tehrani
New Media Manager Why do Social Media? 91% of online adults use social media regularly
Web users spend 22.5% of online time social networking
70% of adult social networkers shop online
80% of active internet users visit social networks and blogs
57% of marketers acquired customers via blogging
44% acquired customers via Twitter
61% of global internet users research products online
companies that blog have 55% more website visitors
9/10 mobile searches lead to action – over half lead to purchase

Source: http://thesocialskinny.com (Check it out!) Still not convinced? CMS - Content Management System Events, Accommodation & Attractions Banner adverts Editorial Quick Links Dynamic content Social Media integrated and there's more... Orient Express Press Trip Renishaw Hall Wine Harvest Get Here - Peak District Wordpress Blog Internal & External PR
Special Offers
B2B & B2C
Custom output channels
Increases SEO
Archive of shareable content Facebook Stunning Peak District Landscapes Perfect for landscape photography Social channels integrated Users can engage
and participate Pin priority
content to top
of page Highly targeted YouTube.com/visitpeakdistrict Sophisticated analytics Social channels integrated & feeds uploaded content automatically Video Gallery Choice of landing page Detailed analytics and video
management facilities Twitter.com/vpdd Engage directly with your audience in real-time create contact lists Keywords for SEO Create conversations or # 'Hashtags' Collect photos Pinterest.com/vpdd Pin Board Visually drives links Integrates with Twitter Call to action
link to website Linkedin Employees can update company page B2B network Banner space to represent
your company list jobs Communicate directly with employees Highlight products and services PR directly from blog
and/or updates Gain useful insights Tweetdeck Social Marketing Application Manage multi-platform
social media
accounts Customise
columns for
engagement Schedule broadcasts
"Pre-Tweet" Extended functionality Multimedia upload Geo-locate updates 5 Steps to maintaining your presence 1: Set up and manage your profile
2: Listen to the buzz
3: Grow your network
4: Distribute content
5: Join the conversation Complete all data fields Who are your customers?
What groups are they joining?
Who are they following?
What are they talking about?
When do they go online?
What are they interested in?
Are people aware of your brand?
Who are the key influencers?
Who are your competitors? Engage everyday online & offline
craft status updates, posts and Tweets
Focus on high quality fans Promote your blog and website through networks
Create dialogue and not a monologue
Seek and recruit allies, advocates and bloggers
Reach out to publications, forums and groups that your fans are using Reply to online questions and comments immediately
Give your brand a face to create relationships
Keep a professional voice whilst being personable Tips for accommodation providers HAVE A BLOG Post information on activities, attractions, dining, shopping, nightlife, local sightseeing.
Give your guests some suggestions on what to do.
Provides "Evergreen" content that can be spread across your social network MANAGE ONLINE REPUTATION Invite guests to post reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Guestlink etc...
Manage company profile (Complete in full)
Utilise any positive reviews to their full potential across all social channels INVITE GUESTS TO LIKE YOU ON FACEBOOK Upload their eMails (If < 5000 existing fans)
Ask guests to post photos of your accommodation and their holidays Link to local businesses Connect with places, attractions, Tourist Information Centres by liking their FB Pages
Include others in your FB & Twitter updates by using '@' + Username INCENTIVES GET PEOPLE MOVING Use a local check-in site
like FourSquare to offer
free gifts or upgrades
for checking in to your
accommodation. If it moves... FILM IT! Video is rich content, especially if it is interesting
or funny Supply your content – Press Releases, Events, Offers, Links etc…
We’ll optimise content to ensure SEO and traffic generation for your websites/DMS record
Become advocates of VPD’s Social Media presence
Inject your personality – People do business with people
not businesses
Help people online, make friends, gain advocates
Display transparency
Gain “Social Proof” through your online dealings

Once content is published it can be reused
Repetition to ensure your voice is heard! We need you to get involved Members New Media support and resource centre (in development)

Always happy to talk on the phone or answer questions by Email New Media Support Centre ANY QUESTIONS Peak District
Tourism Conference
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