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Reinvigorating EFL Teachers and Students

Rafael Sabio

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of E.F.L.

Reinvigorating EFL teachers & students
E.F.L. - What does it stand for?
English as a foreign language
English as a fashionable language
English as a frightening language
English as a functional language
English as a friendly language
English as a funny language
English as a fun language
E = Energizing
Breaking from the norm
changing lesson structure
incorporating different teaching styles
Generously offering praise
F = Facilitating
Describing rather than prescribing
Providing realia and real-world examples
Assisting students in areas they need help in
Presenting concepts in an easy-to-understand fashion
Encouraging social interaction
De-emphasizing grades
L = Learning
Learning how your students learn best
Learning what students' wants and needs are
Learning students likes and dislikes
Learning to make the best of a bad situation
Learning to improvise
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