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Vehbi Koç Foundation Ford Otosan Culture and Life Center

No description

Ji-Seok Jung

on 19 December 2016

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Transcript of Vehbi Koç Foundation Ford Otosan Culture and Life Center

Vehbi Koç Foundation Ford Otosan Culture and Life Center
Arch 428. Dev.in Republican Turkish Arch.1923-1990
Elvan Artan Ergut

Presented by Ji & Zeynep
The design of the complex belongs to
TeCe Mimarlık
which was established in
and run by
Tülin Hadi
Cem ilhan
. Tulin Hadi got her architecture bachelor's degree from
in1993.She was the producer and director of
Design 360 TV show
on CNNTurk between years of 2003-2006. She won
"The Young Architect Award" in 2006
and also chosen as a
jury member
for the
11th National Architecture Awards and Exhibition and Arkitera Young Architects Awards.
Besides her position at TeCe Mimarlık since 1994, she also works as a design studio coordinator at
Eskisehir Anadolu University. Cem ilhan
also had his bachelor's degree from the same school in 1987 and in 1989 he got a master degree from
London Architectural Association School of Architecture on Housing & Urbanism.
He had his second master degree from
Marmara University Painting Department
and his doctorate from
Yıldız Technical University, Structure Department
in 2008. He also won
"The Young Architect Award" in 2006
and goes on working as a design studio coordinator at
Bilgi and Anadolu Universities
Tülin Hadi
Cem Ilhan
TeCe Mimarlık won the 2011 Arkitera Employer Award and 2012 Chamber of Architects "Yapı Dalı" Award
with their Vehbi Koç Foundation Ford Otosan Culture and Life Center design which is located in an environment characterized by
industrial production
in Gölcük, Kocaeli.

-The complex which was first planned to serve to the production facilities of Ford Otosan only, after turning into a social mission project, contributes to the cultural and social development of local people with the natural environment and courses, exhibitions, stage shows and musical activities it offers. The complex gives particular importance to
social responsibilities
and serves almost
9.000 people monthly
from every section of the society.

Cem Ilhan mentioned some importances of the building:

1- the building is to contribute to
the quality of the work environment
of Ford Otosan
2- the building is to contribute to
the local life of Golcuk
3- the building to become the
center of attraction

Having reached an agreement with the municipality with the Ilhan’s contributions of the building to be used not only within the Ford administration but with the public is approved.






thank you
exhibition hall
sports center
art workshops
observation tower
saloons for social activities
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