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Chase Seo

on 11 June 2013

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& THEIR ASYMPTOTES by Chaeyoung Seo DON'T IGNORE THE ASYMPTOTES! Careers with Rational Functions & Asymptotes... Besides business officials, previously mentioned doctors and nurses, biologists, and math teachers (of course!), ??? WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT
WE'D USE ASYMPTOTES IN BUSINESS? ASYMPTOTES IN ENTERPRISES First, we must understand what a rational function and the asymptote of one are! RATIONAL FUNCTIONS IN BIOLOGY Where are they found, you ask? We always ask ourselves....

when will we ever use this math? A function is deemed a RATIONAL FUNCTION when it can be represented as the quotient of polynomials, just as a rational number is a number that can be expressed as a quotient of whole numbers. Surprisingly, the most common place rational functions and their asymptotes are found, is in the hospital. On the topic of health, rational functions even branch out to biology, with the make- up of our very own bodies. Hemoglobin is found in the human body to specifically transport oxygen through blood vessels, to all parts of the body.
The question as to how the blood transports oxygen is answered by solving a rational function. These lines are most commonly utilized by business elites, who consider the asymptote, or “limit” of the sales productivity improvement curves in enterprises. . Officials, who integrate with Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, in business or as an entrepreneur, attempt to approach the asymptote of a sales productivity curve using rational functions, resulting in developing further technological advancements. The closer the quantities reach the asymptotes, the better are the interactions between customers. This is essential for business leaders of today’s world of finance and marketing. More often than not, the subject of math is questioned as to whether one will utilize this information beyond school years. It is even more dubious when regarding higher-level math, such as pre-calculus. I was extremely surprised as to how much rational functions and their asymptotes affected the real world, especially since it deals with graphs—who would have known? An asymptote of a function is a straight line that is approached but never reached by the function. Rational functions may consist of three asymptotes: vertical, horizontal, and slant. Rational functions are used to determine medicine concentration, which is extremely important since most surgical operations begin with an injection of the medicine into the patient. The concentration of the medicine in the patient is then formulated through rational functions to determine how much of the drug is in the bloodstream; once it reaches the desired level, the operation can start. Imagine if the nurses or doctors at a hospital did not know how to solve rational functions—the world would be a scarier place! Nuclear power plant technicians use rational functions, too!
These technicians must monitor radiation levels with radiation detection tools that often use rational functions. Without rational functions, radioactive contamination would occur more frequently and this career would be deemed too hazardous for the public. you don’t need to have a career to use rational functions in life! Ordinary appliances found in a home that we use on a daily basis, such as a refrigerator, relate to rational functions and their asymptotes. To buy a refrigerator, you must determine the cost of the appliance over the course of the years. The rational function of C(t), where the ‘C’ represents the initial cost of the refrigerator and ‘t’ represents the number of years, can be used to find the annual cost of the refrigerator. The knowledge of rational functions is necessary to obtain a good deal on buying a refrigerator, or any appliance that uses electricity, for that matter. HOWEVER,
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