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Conventions of 1832 & 1833

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Andrea Ramos

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Conventions of 1832 & 1833

Convention of 1832 & 1833 The Convention of 1833
The Convention of 1832 was the first political gathering of colonists in Mexican Texas.

Delegates wanted reforms from the Mexican government and hoped to quiet the widespread rumors that settlers in Texas wished to secede (separate) from Mexico.

The convention was the first in a series of unsuccessful attempts at political negotiation that eventually led to the Texas Revolution. The Convention of 1832
On October 1, 1832, 55 political delegates met at San Felipe de Austin to petition for changes in the governance of Texas.

There were no representatives from San Antonio de Béxar, where many of the native Mexican settlers (Tejanos) lived.

The delegates elected Stephen F. Austin, Empresario, as president of the convention.
Delegates passed a series of petitions (requests to the Mexican Government)
*an ending of the immigration restrictions
*a three-year exclusion from custom duties
*permission to form an armed militia
*independent statehood for Texas
*they also voted themselves the power to call future conventions The Mexican Government declared that the Convention of 1832 was illegal and the changes many Anglos wanted did not happen. Stephen F. Austin journeyed to Mexico City to present the petitions to the government.

Frustrated with the lack of progress, in October Austin wrote a letter encouraging Texans to form their own state government.

This letter was forwarded to the Mexican government and Austin was imprisoned in early 1834 The Road to The Texas Revolution Fredonian Rebellion Flag 56 delegates met in San Felipe de Austin to draft a series of petitions to the Mexican government.

Under the guidance of Sam Houston, former governor of the American state of Tennessee, a committee drafted a state constitution to submit to the Mexican Government.

The proposed constitution was patterned on American principles.

Delegates also requested customs (taxes) exemptions (free-pass) and asked that a ban on Anglo-immigration into Texas be lifted. turn and talk!
How do you think Tejano citizens in San Antonio felt that they did not have representation at the Convention of 1832? Do you think they wanted their voice to be heard at the Convention?
turn and talk!
some people in the Mexican government feared that the
United States wanted to populate Texas with
Anglos so that it would be easy to take it over from Mexico.
That is why they restricted Anglo immigration.

Do you think that this was the right thing to do from the Mexican Governments perspective?

turn and talk!
Anglo (Texan) settlers believed that
they had improved Texas in many ways by living there. For example, they developed the land, the economy, and had protected the territory against
Indian attacks. Many believed that the Mexican government should be thankful to have them living in Texas.
Do you think that Anglo citizens improvement of Texas was something the Mexican government should have been happy about?
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