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Aboriginal Birth Smoking Ceremony

No description


on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Aboriginal Birth Smoking Ceremony

Aboriginal Birth Smoking Ceremony
What is it?
Aboriginal Spirituality
Ritual in Aboriginal community.
The Smoking Ceremony
The rules and laws laid down in the Dreamtime, are continually repeated because of the beliefs and messages they teach.
Ritual is more than actions,
- it is a celebration
- Reflects significant beliefs and values
- Links to the past
- Depicts significant events
- Acknowledge change of status
- Can bring about emotional healing
- and make a spiritual connection to a divine world.
- What is a ritual important to you?
- Did the person sitting next to you have the same experience?
- WHY?
The Smoking Ceremony.
- Placenta is buried - show connectedness to the land.
- Smoked- To cleanse, ward off bad spirits and to heal
- Gubanu and Conkerberry trees' smoke - has healing properties and the power to ward off bad spirits.
Beliefs about the ceremony:
- Provides traditional medicine and insurance
- Enriched with natural antibodies
to protect themselves
- connected with the land and other members of the community
- because there is no written language this is how rituals are passed down.
-A sequence of activities involving gestures, words and objects performed in a sequestered place and designed to influence an audience
Australian Aboriginals
Aboriginal Australians
-Have inhabitied Australia for 60,000 to 80,000 years
-Have performed thousands of rituals on the land
- 600 different dialects spoken across Australia
- All but 20 of these are endangered
- The smoking ceremony is a traditional welcome ceremony
- It cleansies the soul
- An aboriginal childs first smoking ceremony is the birth smoking
Leo after the smoking ceremony
Dolly Snell performing the smoking ceremony on her grandson
This is what Australia will look like .
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