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PBV Top 10

The top 10 reasons YOU should be a student with Palm Beach Virtual!

Sarah Mammolito

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of PBV Top 10

Top 10 Palm Beach Virtual reasons you should register to be a
Palm Beach Virtual Student! 10. You like working at your own pace. 7. You still want support from super dedicated teachers who want you to succeed. 6. You want your teachers and school to be local so you can attend
cool field trips and face to face tutoring sessions! 3. Even though you attend school online, you want to follow the same calendar as your friends and siblings who go to other schools in Palm Beach County. 2. In other words, you want to do your work EVERY WEEK so you can have Spring Break and Summer, but you want to do it when YOU want to do it during the day (or night), not when someone else says you should do it. 8. You know that with YOU in the driver's seat,
you'll be able to focus, learn more, and enjoy school! 9. You want to be in charge of your own schedule! 5. You don't want to have to raise your hand and wait every time you have
a question. 4. You want to be able to call, email, IM, and text your teachers! and the number one reason you should considering becoming a full time student with Palm Beach Virtual.... 1. As a full time student, you can earn a Palm Beach County diploma
through Palm Beach Virtual! Go to our website at www.PalmBeachVirtual.org to learn more and take the interest survey!
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