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Unequal Distribution of Natural Resources throughout the Wo

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Heidi Angwall

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Unequal Distribution of Natural Resources throughout the Wo

Unequal Distribution of Natural Resources throughout the World
How is their distribution varied?
Since natural resources often need specific conditions in which to form, they are not distributed evenly across the world. Coal, for example, is usually found in areas which were originally swampland during the greatest coal-forming era in history
Since the distribution of natural resources is varied, it is common for some countries to be abundant in one type of natural resource and for other countries to have many different types but with only a small supply.
countries often export the natural resources that they have an abundance of and import those which they are in need of.
Uneven Distribution
Resources are distributed unequally
over the earth because of the different natural conditions, level of development,
and technological levels.
Consequences of uneven disribution of resources

1. War and Conflict
2. Trade
3. Economic Activities
4. Human Settlement
Human Settlement
People tend to settle and
cluster in places that have
the resources they need to survive and thrive.
Things that Unfluence:
Mostly In:
North America
Economic Activities
Economic activities that are directly related to resources:

farming Timber processing
fishing Oil and Gas Production
Ranching Mining

Example: Japan
Japan is a country with very limited natural resources, and yet is one of the richest countries in Asia.
Sony, Nintendo, Canon, Toyota, Honda, Sharp, Sanyo, Nissan are Japanese corporations that make products that are needed in other countries. As a result of trade, Japan has enough money to buy the resources it needs.
War and Conflict
Many present-day conflicts involve nations trying to control resource-rich territories.
Example: The desire for diamond
and oil resources has been the root of many armed conflicts in Africa
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